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My Favorite Products from ColourPop


I stopped doing reviews on every product ColourPop releases, but I still get almost everything that they release. Considering they release new products every week, my bank account isn’t a massive fan of that but they aren’t insanely expensive either. Since I haven’t been reviewing everything and have been insanely busy with work, I thought it would be a quick and fun thing to do a post on all of my favorite products from ColourPop.

Some of these are specifics and others are more generic to overall that type of product from ColourPop.

Pressed Powder Bronzer in Private Party

Anytime I contour or bronze my face I reach for the Private Party bronzer as it’s a soft rich brown, but I would say it leans on the cooler side of the warm tones. Plus it’s matte, which works great to use the product for both contour and bronzer. ColourPop classifies this bronzer as being for light skin tone, and CA Dreaming as being the fair tone option. But I think it should be reversed as this one is lighter.

Super Shock Highlighter in Glazed

This highlighter is no longer available from ColourPop, but I love this one. This is a warm toned, very light beige with a pearl finish highlight. It’s got a marbled design though as you use it more that goes away. I wish they would bring this highlighter back as it’s perfect for fair toned skin. Though one that’s pretty close is Flexitarian which is a white champagne highlight, which I also really love. But I like Glazed more since it makes your skin look like glass, whereas Flexitarian looks like a highlight.

Pressed Powder Blush in To The 10

One of my favorite blushes from ColourPop is To The 10, which is a matte neutral warm pink. This is the closest I get to a pink blush since it has some peachy undertones. On me this gives a nice natural flush as it matches my skin tone so much. I’m not a huge blush fan, but this one I actually do really enjoy.

Precision Brow Colour

If I ever don’t mention what I used for my brows, it’s this. I use it every single day. Either in the shade Cool Cocoa or Bronde Moment. I like my brows being darker than my hair, which I know is not something in trend at the moment. But I don’t care, I love it. Cool Cocoa is a neutral dark brown, while Bronde Moment is a neutral light brown.

Brow Boss Gel

I don’t use this all of the time, but when I am going for a more natural makeup day inside of the Precision Brow Colour I end up using the Brow Boss Gel in either Light Brown or Dark Brown just to give some tint to my very light brow hairs that blend into my skin if I don’t apply something to them. And I’m not an invisible brow fan, so I always make sure something is on them for definition.

Creme Gel Liner

I love all of ColourPop’s Creme Gel Liners. They are my absolute favorite liners for the waterline as it lasts all day long. Other liners I have tried I cannot say the same. Plus these don’t transfer, so they’re great to use everywhere. The one in the photos is their true onyx black liner called Swerve. Other stand outs include: Best O (Burgundy), Call Me (Deep Plummy Brown), Fast Lane (Blackened Teal), and Honeydude (Creamy Nude).

Ultra Matte Lip in Take a Pixie

I used to hate the Ultra Matte Lip formula but now I really love it. My favorite at the moment is Take a Pixie, which is a dusty beige. I don’t know if it’s the name since my dog is named Pixie or it’s the fact that it’s fall nude shade.

Iluvsarahii x ColourPop Through My Eyes Pressed Powder Palette

I was struggling to chose just one palette from ColourPop. But one that I go for a lot is the Through My Eyes palette as it’s got a great variety for any type of look. From colorful to warm neutrals to grungy fall tones. This palette also includes a mirror and doesn’t have a pressed glitter, which almost every new palette from ColourPop includes. There are sixteen shades with equal amounts matte and metallic finishes. Though the shade Mesmer-Eyez falls apart very similar to a pressed glitter shadow.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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