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My Favorite Romance Tropes to Read


I used to be a fantasy-only reader, though I did enjoy it when there was a romance subplot. But within the last few years, I’ve been getting more into reading romance novels. The majority of which I read on my Kindle, so it’s always funny seeing whatever book my Kindle wants to advertise to me when it’s not fully on. Most of the time they don’t immediately draw me in, but sometimes they do. I have found a few books through there. So, I thought it would be a fun idea to share which Romance Tropes I love seeing in books.

These are not in any specific order.

Forced Proximity

The characters are forced to be together in a confined space or have to share a space for some reason. Like “until this mission is done, you have to stay here” kind of thing or trapped together.


Along those lines, there’s also the “Only one-bed” trope. Where the characters have to share a bed at the inn or hotel. It almost always leads to sex and the couple is finally forced to deal with their feelings for one another.

Fake Relationship

The characters agree to pretend to be in a relationship to either avoid another arrangement or to achieve some goal that they have.


Enemies to Lovers

Oh, the height of banter. Force two individuals on opposite sides to get together for some reason, and it makes for grade A quality.


Partners in Crime

The couple gets together due to being forced to work together or a bargain they have made to achieve their separate or collective goals.


Arranged Marriage/Marriage of Convenience

Ok, this one isn’t my favorite favorite, but some books I have enjoyed reading have included this trope. Basically, it’s where characters are forced to get married when they may not know each other, then they eventually fall in love with one another due to that arrangement.



I really like this trope that there’s one person or specific people made for you. A LOT of books I read include this trope. Either it’s something that is revealed over time or it’s more instant.

Most of the examples for this one are going to be series:

I will be posting my least favorite romance tropes in a few days. But in the meantime, which romance tropes do you love to read?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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