My Favorite Songs from Steven Universe

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One of my favorite animated shows in the recent years has been Steven Universe. Even though it has a more cute, charming aesthetic this show can cover some dark topics like abuse, war, and death. Intertwined in the show are musical numbers that more on one occasion are Steven’s solution to problems. Or serve for character development. So, I thought I would share some of my favorites that came out of this show along with the movie.

Now these songs are not ordered in any particular order.

Giant Woman

This song is about Amethyst and Pearl finding common ground to work together. Which ends up being saving Steven from corrupted gems. But it’s from the perspective of Steven, trying to get his sister figures (mom figures) get along.

Do It For Her

This is a song Pearl sings to Connie during training that shows just how devoted Pearl was for Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond.

Peace and Love (On Planet Earth)

This is a fun song that shows Peridot’s character development. She is coming to terms with the fact she’s stuck on Earth, and lost her place on home world after questioning Yellow Diamond.

It’s Over Isn’t It

This is a song Pearl sings, as she finally starts to come to term with the fact that Rose Quartz is gone and that she decided to leave her for Greg. Something that she held over Greg for years after she left.

Here Comes a Thought

This song is confronting your inner demons like anxiety. The melody is slow and calming, reminding you to take a moment to pause and that bottling things isn’t the best way to deal with things.

Other Friends

This is a song from the movie sung by Spinel. It’s her entrance into the franchise and it makes an impact. Starting out with just wanting to know why she was left behind and wanting to know what Pink Diamond has done without her. To realizing she was completely forgotten and wants nothing more than revenge for years of neglect and abandonment.

Drift Away

Again sung by Spinel in the movie. It’s about watching her friend drift away until she was completely abandoned in a garden for thousands of years. She kept telling herself if she did what she thought Pink Diamond wanted, she would be rewarded. But instead she learned she wasn’t cared about by anyone, as everyone forgot about her.


This is a song Steven sings when he is in his mother’s old room. He notices how there are things from his life that are eerily similar to Pink Diamond. From a family that tries to keep him out of things, and he used to play the role of entertainment just to make them smile. Something that Pink Diamond used to do.

We Are the Crystal Gems

I can’t do a favorite song from the show post without including the opening number. It’s the heart of the show.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. May 20, 2020 / 3:19 PM

    Great post! I haven’t seen the show before but it seems really entertainingđŸ’—

    • Mae Polzine
      May 20, 2020 / 3:37 PM

      I loved it. It might be very light hearted and childish at times, but it also covers a lot of more serious topics.
      ♥ Mae

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