My Favorite Things At Weddings

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I love going to weddings and how one day to be married myself. It’s a ceremony of the happiest day of a couple’s lives. It shows their dedication to one another and the dream they have for the future. They may say 50% of marriages end in divorce, but on that day the couple is not thinking about that. They are in the honeymoon phase and it’s wonderful to watch. So I thought I would go over a few of my favorite things about weddings.

Credit: Alegria Party Design

Credit: Alegria Party Design

Watching the Groom as the Bride Walks Down the Aisle

Normally everyone turns to look at the bride as she makes her way down the aisle. But I don’t do that at first, I would much rather look at the groom. They are the happiest men in the world during that moment. The realization they have that the bride is about to marry them and only them in that moment. That they are seeing their significant other walking down the aisle dressed to the nines and it’s all for them. They are besides themselves. And this goes with same sex couples as well for whichever is at the alter watching the other come towards them. They all have that same look on their face.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Now this doesn’t go for every time at every wedding. But when the dresses either match in design and actually look good on everyone or similar color that’s a design that works for them, that makes me happy. Because it’s not a dress that the bridesmaid is going to hate. It’s a dress that actually looks good on them. Not something that was chosen just to match a theme but doesn’t suit each of the bridesmaid. I know for my future wedding, the people I have slated in my head don’t all have the same body type so not one style dress is going to look good on them all. So I would go with a basic color and let them choose the dress with my approval that suits their body type. And that they are comfortable in.

Unique Guestbooks

I love when weddings have unique or different guest books. Some that I’ve loved were: photo booth guest book, BBQ cookbook, custom cornhole board, and memory rock display. It’s something you know either their going to use or actually look at rather than just a book. Plus it’s different and fun.

DIY Decorations

There is something for expensive looking centerpieces that were actually cheap DIY items. Especially if it has something that has significant meaning to the couple. One wedding I went to and actually helped set up, they had blue mason jars that we wrapped burlap around with a brooch. Then each jar was filled up with water and got a floating white candle in the center. One either side of that were wine glasses flipped upside down over white roses with another candle placed on the top. It looked so nice that you wouldn’t expect that they weren’t custom ordered. All the decorations were set up by family/friends and looked like an event planner had a huge crew doing. But it was just a blast and looked really nice without being expensive.

What is your favorite thing at or about weddings?

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