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My Reverse Bucket List

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This is an idea I got from Jen, where instead of discussing things you want to accomplish in your life, you look back at the things you’ve managed to check off already. I keep this list for myself so I can remember how far I’ve come over the years. And thought it would be fun to share it with you guys.

Get a Tattoo

The very first thing that I checked off on my bucket list was getting a tattoo. Which I did on my right list. It’s an ambigram tattoo that says Faith one way and Hope the other. I wanted this tattoo since I went to New Orleans on a mission trip. I got this the day after my eighteenth birthday back in 2011, and since then have gotten seven others with a plan to eventually get a half sleeve. I love my tattoos, and it all came off of this one.

Go to College & Join a Sorority

This one I’m combining on here as I did both of these things at the same time. I went off to Montana State University and ended up joining Alpha Omicron Pi in fall of 2011. Even though I ended up leaving two years later due to my mental health, I don’t regret that experience at all. I made some great friends and sisters while I was there, and learned a lot about myself away from my family. Sure there were some other negatives besides my mental health that happened but if I had the chance to redo those two years, I would still end up going to MSU and joining AOPi.

Maybe I would skip using the public bus that led me to getting a stalker. And would do things differently with my Bipolar Disorder Type II treatment plan, since it caused me to seriously not be able to attend classes. But otherwise, it was a experience that I will cherish forever.

Start a Career in IT

Growing up I didn’t really get an option on pursuing art or writing, my mom and dad convinced me into going down the IT route. I went to college first for Computer Engineer and then for Network Systems Administration. And it lets me test my knowledge and skills, so that’s my main job while the others are my hobbies after work. In 2014, I got a job at Staples as a certified tech then soon after became a part-time manager there before going to my current employer where I have worked from the ground up from Level 1 Engineer to Level 2 Engineer to Support Lead to now Service Manager. I’ve learned so much at my current employer (more than I did in college) and I can’t imagine not doing IT or this. Sure, it’s stressful. But I can’t do slow and routine day in and day out. I get bored, and need different things to do daily. Sure some things staying the same help, but I need a challenge!

Get My Own Dog

I have always loved dogs, so much so it was my first word. So, when I was twenty we got Pixie Bug. At the time she was the “family dog” but my room became her crate since she CANNOT stand small spaces like real crates. And when I moved out from my family, she became my dog. Pixie still has sleepovers at my mom and sister’s as she likes playing with their dog Winnie, or whenever I have to work insanely long hours.

Live Independently

Now there are two instances where this happened. The first was in 2016 when I moved in with some friends from high school… that didn’t really work out well but I did have my independence from the family for a year and a half before I ended up moving back home. Then in July of 2019 I ended up moving out on my own, no roommates, and have lived on my own ever since. I love my apartment and have no intention of moving to somewhere else at the moment but eventually within the next few years I’m probably going to start looking at buying a house. Or a townhouse rather.

There are still things I want to check off my bucket list like getting a half sleeve, getting a second dog, going on a cruise, and publishing a book. But I’m really happy with everything that I’ve achieved so far.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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