My Thoughts on House of Sky and Breath (Crescent City, Book 2) by Sarah J. Maas

It’s been two years since the previous Crescent City book was released by Sarah J. Maas. I will be avoiding sharing spoilers for the most part while discussing this book as there are mystery-solving elements to this book. Though unlike the first book in the series, the mystery was not the main focus. This one is more focused on the power-dynamic within Crescent City and going against the Asteri. Still, I’ll be avoiding them for the most part in this review.


Sarah J. Maas’s sexy, groundbreaking CRESCENT CITY series continues with the second installment.

Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar are trying to get back to normal-they may have saved Crescent City, but with so much upheaval in their lives lately, they mostly want a chance to relax. Slow down. Figure out what the future holds.

The Asteri have kept their word so far, leaving Bryce and Hunt alone. But with the rebels chipping away at the Asteri’s power, the threat the rulers pose is growing. As Bryce, Hunt, and their friends get pulled into the rebels’ plans, the choice becomes clear: stay silent while others are oppressed, or fight for what’s right. And they’ve never been very good at staying silent.

In this sexy, action-packed sequel to the #1 bestseller House of Earth and Blood, Sarah J. Maas weaves a captivating story of a world about to explode-and the people who will do anything to save it.

Book Details

  • Published: February 15, 2022
  • Page Count: 807 pages
  • Genre: Fantasy

My Thoughts

This book takes place a few months after the end of House of Earth and Blood. Hunt and Bryce decided to take a ‘platonic’ relationship to learn more about each other before jumping into sex. Not that they called off their relationship altogether. I can see why Bryce wanted this and it adds some sexual tension between the pair as both want to get rid of their agreement to wait.

For the most part, there aren’t a lot of new characters. The made new character that is included is Cormac, who is the cousin of Ruhn. Everyone else that is mentioned made an appearance or was mentioned in the first book. And there are a lot of secrets regarding Danika that weren’t previously exposed. In some ways, it felt like it was purely added to give Bryce motivation since really her only motivation in any book has been uncovering what Danika knew rather than doing it for any other reason. It would’ve been nice if she had other motivations for doing the things she did. Hopefully, that changes in the next book, as I have a feeling they will because I cannot imagine there are any more secrets that Danika was withholding… but you never know.

We also get to explore more of the other characters and their relationships. As well as the angels that Hunt was not a massive fan of. There are a lot of secrets within that group that gets explored in this one. I’m curious where those things will go in the next book. Not to mention, Ithan (Connor’s brother who had a crush on Bryce but treated her poorly after the pack’s death) plays a bigger role. I’m curious where his tale will go since he’s being written up as opposition to Sabine (Danika’s mother) or rather he is searching for an alternative to her.

It will be interesting to see where the power dynamic in Crescent City falls when the series ends. As it does not seem like it will stay with Sabine, the Autumn King of Fae, and Asteri… if our heroes manage to be successful. I really hope they do because the Asteri need to be stopped after what we learn about them in the book. They are HORRIBLE! I think the details regarding all the races are also very interesting.

If you want my thoughts on some spoilers, expand the next section.


Most of the plot followed trying to find Emile, the kid brother of a thunderbird that many parties wanted to use as a weapon. We follow the group trying to location him… only to learn that Bryce already had him found by the Viper Queen and then was lying about it for weeks until she could send him off to her parents to become her adoptive brother. I can see where Bryce hid the information from Cormac and Tharion, since their motives were questionable. But the entire time, she was acting like she didn’t know where he was, but she knew. Even in her narrative sections, it seemed like she had no idea when she did. I get keeping the mystery there but it was kind of like “Really?” All of this lead up to literally nothing. He’s not a thunderbird and after he’s found he disappears into the background. I get Bryce wanting to help him, but it could’ve been a smaller focus in the book… rather than a wild goose hunt that emcompassed the majority of the book as the focus for the group’s involvement with the rebels. I really feel like there could’ve been something else there, as they ultimately decide to side against the Asteri even if it isn’t with the main (human) rebel group.

Also, what was Bryce thinking of using her Princess title and thinking that her biological father wouldn’t try to use it against her to his advantage? She did manage to kind of get one over on him, but I highly doubt that’s the last of it. He already told Ruhn to murder her (not that he will) and Ruhn wants Bryce to rule instead of him. Which would make sense of the line ending with Ruhn. Bryce does not concern herself a Danaan, even if her father legally changed her name. And he was prophesized to be the end of the line either dying before he has children or never bearing any. Turning the throne over to Bryce would potentially be another way to achive this.

I also totally understand why Crescent City 3 is next to be released instead of the next book in A Court of Thorns and Roses. Bryce is now with Rhysand, Feyre, and Amren officially connecting all the SJM worlds further. I wonder if Nesta is going to feel a pull to the Horn. It was suspected that was once part of the Dread Trove, so now that it’s back in that world will it have any impact. If so, what does that mean for Bryce and Nesta? I wonder how intertwined those two series will be in the next book, and what that means going forward. Like how long will Bryce be in the ACOTAR world? How long will those characters be involved and to what level? Also, when during the ACOTAR timeline is it? We don’t really know at this time. Only that Bryce’s language is the ancient fae that only Amren knows and Rhysand knows a little of. Also, Az’s dagger is made of the same material as the Starsword that is hella interesting to me.

Either way I’m excited to see the cross over between the two series.

I think the Fae that Bryce’s family is from is from the ACOTAR world which is why she went there. While the Mer and Shifters are Fae from Throne of Glass (TOG) world, since those could shift between two forms (human and animal). Granted, it’s not confirmed since neither of those worlds are mentioned but considering the Asteri stole people from different worlds it is possible. Hopefully Bryce finds a way to get back to Midguard and can rescue Ruhn and Hunt from the Asteri’s dungeon. Poor Hunt has the power restriction halo again.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I thought the book was really good but there was a lot that could’ve been taken out. See my spoiler section for my thoughts on those elements and where I think the next book in the series will go. I could not put this book down, while it was long it never felt that way. As I mentioned in the spoiler section, there were a few things that could’ve been done differently in my opinion, but I still really enjoyed the book. Some of the twists, I didn’t suspect and I’m extremely excited to see where the story goes in the next book. There were a lot of elements still in the air and characters where their fate is still unknown in how they are going to get out of their situations. I’m curious to see where Sarah J. Maas takes the next book in the series.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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