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My Thoughts on Married by Scandal by Tessonja Odette


I’m not usually someone who reads short stories. I like my books being at least 300 pages at minimum, due to the speed at which I read. However, when I learned that Tessonja Odette was releasing Married by Scandal I had to read it. One, it’s set in a universe I know. Two, it’s on a character that I wanted to see more of in that universe. Three, I love pretty much everything this author puts out. It’s one of the reasons I’m extremely excited that I’m on the ARC list, so when Tessonja Odette releases new books I can read them right away.


She’ll marry a prince if she must.
But fall in love?

The first time Amelie Fairfield fell in love, she started a war. Now, the part-human, part-fae fashion designer has sworn off romance to focus on her career. But when her name makes headlines in the worst possible way, there’s only one thing she can do to escape scandal—marry a human prince and make everyone forget about the career-killing rumors.

To solidify peace between the humans and fae, Prince Albert must take a fae bride. As sister to the fae queen, Amelie is the perfect candidate. If only she could say the same for the rakish prince she’ll have to marry. At least his devilish charm and good looks keep society fixated on him and not her.

But scandal becomes the least of Amelie’s worries when she embarks upon an engagement tour. She’ll need to convince the aristocracy that her arranged marriage is a true love match…without falling in love. Just when she thinks she has it all under control, the prince reveals a secret that suggests he might not be the man she thought. In fact, he might not be a prince at all…

Can Amelie juggle a world of fashion, unexpected espionage, and dating her not-so-fake fiancé? Or will her closed-off heart prove to be her biggest hurdle yet?

Married by Scandal is the third book in the Arranged Marriages of the Fae series, a multi-author collaboration of romantic fantasy stand-alone novellas, designed to be read independently. Together, they feature arranged marriages in fae fantasy and offer complete romances while also allowing the reader to enjoy a variety of tones and approaches. Perfect for romantic fantasy readers with busy lives who love swoony romance.

Married by Scandal is set in the same world as The Fair Isle Trilogy and the Entangled with Fae series. Journey back to Faerwyvae or start your adventure here for the first time!

Book Details

  • Published: September 23, 2022
  • Page Count: 212 pages
  • Genre: Historical Fantasy, Fairy Tales

Thoughts on Married by Scandal

Married by scandal is a short story by Tessonja Odette in collaboration with several authors, who are all focusing on the same theme: arranged marriage of the fae. Tessonja Odette decided to set her story in the Fair Isle universe focusing on the character Amelie Fairchild. Sister of Queen Evelyn who the original trilogy focused on. Amelie had played a major part in that story and ultimately decided to become a fashion designer and swear off love. Which was understandable at the time but now it’s been two decades later. And her journey in this short story takes a very similar journey as it did in the trilogy.

What is that journey?

  • Amelie is arranged to marry one individual, but ends up with someone else.
  • Said individual ends up saving her in some way
  • The balance of the island depends on that marriage.

The first time Amelie fell in love it was to Prince Cobalt but she was originally engaged to King Aspen. Her deciding to get involved with Prince Cobalt, resulted in the war after the treaty was dissolved. As Prince Cobalt was trying to save her from an engagement she did not want. But Prince Cobalt decided to use Amelie for his own purposes and she ultimately lost all control over her actions. She is very traumatized from this experience especially after Cobalt gave his life to protect her during the war. So, to say Amelie has trust issues is an understatement.

The second time, she falls for Dante who was the body double/spy for her fiancé (Prince Albert). Only this time while Dante might play the role it’s to the benefit of Amelie and Albert, not just to his benefit. He is putting the target on himself rather than the Prince, and helps improve Amelie’s reputation through this act. Also he tells her the truth, while Cobalt never did. Dante supports her and doesn’t use her trust against her. He might save her but he also empowers her to be her best. She also learns to allow others to help her and that it’s not a bad thing.

Overall, I thought it was a good short story. Amelie had an interesting story in the original trilogy and the way the short story was written, you don’t need to read it to understand what happened then. And I loved how her journey was mirrored. The first time it was toxic, while the second was healing. I would give this tale a 3.75 star rating out of 5.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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