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IMG_6256.jpgThis last week, I’ve been touring various apartments both in downtown Minneapolis and out in the suburbs. And I grew up out of the city in the suburbs… and it’s going to stay like that. For several reasons:

  1. More apartment for less money.
  2. More utilities are covered, somehow I can’t find that downtown but can out in the suburbs. Downtown none of them are but out of the city, almost all of them are. Strange, but if it can help me save on the budget I’ll take that.
  3. Quieter and more walking trials for Pixie. I don’t think she’ll like it, she’s so used to being no where near heavy traffic and walking in the woods… I don’t think she could handle or get used to busy street only walks.
  4. Baths! Every dog friendly apartment I’ve looked at downtown have no baths, but those out of the city do. Why? Baths go hand-in-hand with dogs, where else are you cleaning your dogs? Especially if you accept dogs over 50 lbs. You need a bath tub, so yeah a bath tub is a must on my moving list.

It might be further from work and I wanted to cut my commute down, and I am still aiming to do that. So instead of an hour commute both ways, I’m going to be cutting that in half. And while I did find a wonderful apartment that I would be insanely happy with… things in my life just somehow just decided it hated me and made it so I don’t feel financial safe anymore if I applied for it. Lets just say somethings seem really rocky at the moment. So I don’t want to apply for it then that one thing happens and I can’t afford it anymore in a few months. But I also can’t stand the Harry Potter closet anymore, I’m losing my mind in this closet. Now I love my mom and she’s incredible and has offered to switch rooms with me since she is only homes on weekends… but at the same time I don’t want to take her room. But I also can’t stand to be in this closet for anymore months if I’m not moving. So I think I’m going to take her offer, and stay another year at my moms just until the one rocky thing is either fine or I’ve moved on to something else that’s stable.

I’ve also come to the conclusion, I miss having girl friends. Or friends that I can do things with in general. I love my friends but they either all live in other states or live so far away that we never catch up due to the distance. Or in general just went in different directions with life. So I’m on the search for a new group of friends that I can do things with like paint nite, brunch, watching movies, dog park/play dates, etc. Now just to figure how to meet friends since I’m not going to a bar alone and I have just overall no idea where to meet friends now that I’m not in high school or college. If you have any ideas, give me some tips. I would love it!

When this post goes live, my aunt will have gotten out of surgery where they are removing a mass that’s located near her optical nerve. They were worried that it was going to burst prior to the surgery which would result in my aunt becoming blind. I’m most likely going to go to her house at some point this coming weekend to help her out around the house after her surgery. Since I wrote this before the surgery was complete, I really hope everything went smoothly for her. ‘Cause I know that would make things very difficult for her especially because her husband (my uncle) is almost completely deaf at this point and hearing aids haven’t done anything to help him out. We’re really close with them and do monthly events together so I really hope everything is good and once the mass is resolved her vision in her eyes starts to come back. Right now she has black bars in the middle of her vision on both eyes. And the left one is almost completely shadowed by those bars. Not sure what the technical name of what’s happening is called, but it’s not good whatever it is.

Weekly Obsessions/Discoveries:

  • Movie: Set it Up (Romantic Comedy/Rom Com on Netflix).
  • Mobile Game: Hogwarts Mystery (Year 4).
  • Song: Natural by Imagine Dragons.

Weekly Influencer Shout-Out:

  1. Cosmo by Haley (Cruelty Free Makeup Artist): Instagram | YouTube | Twittter
  2. Laurel (Makeup Artist): Instagram | Twitter
  3. The Roundtable (Animation Theory and Discussion): YouTube | Twitter | Facebook
  4. SliceofOtaku (Steven Universe Theorist): YouTube | Twitter

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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