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My Week in Review


Another week has flown by and I have yet to resurface from this latest round of depression. Probably didn’t help that I had to pay for damages done by my ex-roommate, but at least it’s over with and I can start saving up to move out of this little Harry Potter closet. I’m sick of being in the way or not having my own space. Just a few more months I keep telling myself, but I honestly just wish it was tomorrow. Though it would be tempting to get a roommate to afford a nicer apartment, I have been burned too many times that I just can’t handle that again. Not that everyone is a horrible roommate, it’s just not something I want at this point in time. I just want a nice little apartment with Pixie Bug where I don’t need to deal with anyone else. But I know my family’s dog, Winnie, is going to be so upset when we separate the two again.

Also I’ve just been catching up on all of my favorite TV shows after work that I haven’t watched in ages like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals (which I have caught up on but am now rewatching), and The 100.

Winnie Bear

YouTube Slump

I am going to be trying to bring back my gaming channel and main channel to the 1-2 videos a week. Plus variety but it’s a little impossible to record a video when everyone else in the house is blasting music or shows, or you have no where to go to just film.

But I’m trying my hardest as I really enjoy making content on my channels, especially my gaming channel. I can find myself so lost in playing games and love making up stories in The Sims 4. I really am liking the direction my Immortal Twins series is going. I’m also going to write short stories on the characters every Sunday… but first I need to share their backstories then I’ll get into the short stories. As I love writing stories, I always have a novel I’m writing for myself and one I start them up these will probably be the first real stories I’m ever sharing publicly. Again, need to go through all of the main characters introducing them first and what’s happened in the series before I do that. Or it might not make 100% sense unless you’re caught up on all 30+ videos. If you haven’t watched it, and want to here’s a link to the playlist.

I’m also just debating on putting back together my channels to just have one like they are on here. Because both parts are me, and a lot of my favorite gaming/YouTubers just have one account where they upload just whatever (Clare Siobhan and Deligracy). And I kind of what to do that as well. I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not, but it would be so much easier just to have one account on YouTube.

Cruelty Free Guide Redesign

Also I decided to release the new cruelty free guide a bit early. All of the fields exist but I still need to finish populating all of them. So is it complete? No. But it’s something I’ve wanted to share for ages, so I’m just going to put it out early. All of the brands on the guide I’ve already verified, I just need to finish the massive database for guide which will take me time. But as I update it, the guide updates so why wait? What’s the guide you might be wondering. This is an interactive guide/list of all cruelty free brands. On here you can search for specific stores, product type, vegan, price range, etc. As well as specific brands, if none show up it has not been cleared to join or isn’t cruelty free. I really love the concept of interactive as previously I had around 20 lists to update if one brand joined or left. And I know I’m not the only blogger that had to deal with that. Plus it just make searching for a specific concept even more difficult. So I wanted it to be all in one place and that easy to use. And I think I’ve accomplished that. Granted I still need to finish the input of every brand, but again I wanted to release it early ’cause I couldn’t wait. I’m around 20% complete with filling out every single field so I should hopefully be done by the end of the year. But I couldn’t wait for that just to push out the new feel. I hope you all don’t mind, and I seriously hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Weekly Obsessions/New Discoveries

  • Book: Every Day by David Levithan.
  • Mobile Games: Hogwarts Mystery (Year Two).
  • Shows: The 100 Season 4.
  • Songs: Control by Halsey, Waves by Dean Lewis, I’ll Be Good by Jayme Young, and I Found by Amber Run.
  • Video Games: Alice: Madness Returns.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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