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The Pop Culture Download #4: The Dark Artifices – Lady Midnight & Lord of Shadows


For the last week I’ve been moving into my new apartment and getting things set up. So, I haven’t had internet for the most part. Though this was mainly due to the fact that I don’t have internet of my own at the moment and can only get extremely limited internet through hotspots as the building is in a data deadzone. I can get calls but browsing on the internet is like impossible unless I manage to get onto the XFINITY hotspot… which does not work on my phone but works somewhat fine on my laptop. So, I didn’t really do much of watching things on Netflix or YouTube to share with you guys. Or any new music discoveries that I can share with you guys for this week. Hopefully I’ll have my own internet connection set up by next week, if not I’ll be more or less offline until that happens.

One thing I can share with you guys at least for reading is I finished Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows from The Dark Artifices series by Cassandara Clare which are from the follow up series to The Mortal Instruments. I don’t know why I waited or hesitated on reading this series. It’s really good so far. I thought it would be weird reading grown up versions of two kids we briefly met in City of Heavenly Fire. Maybe because I kept picturing them as being twelve and under rather than seventeen almost eighteen, but once I corrected it in my head I couldn’t put the books down. I did like the change of Emma and Julian. They are different but change is good. I’m interested in how the last book goes, one thing I do wish we got more of was Jace and Clary’s adventure in the Faerie not just the mention that they were there doing something and Clary had the feeling that she was going to die. Maybe there will be something about that in the last book.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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