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The Pop Culture Download #7: The Society, Minecraft, The Lion King and More


Another week has come and gone, and it’s been a stressful one to say the least… at least it was for me. So… here’s everything I’ve been enjoying over the last week when I haven’t been working. Which is surprisingly a lot compared to other weeks where I actually got sleep. Maybe my severe lack of sleep helped me discover things… I’m not really sure. But anyways, let’s get into my week through reading, music, and more (though there’s no reading this week).

Relaxing with Minecraft

This game was popular when I was going to high school and it’s recently gotten a second wind on YouTube in the gaming community. Though that’s slightly because it’s the only content that’s not getting flagged for demonetization. Meaning gamers are more likely to upload that content. And it’s made me want to play the game as well, which I do enjoy as it can be fairly relaxing. Plus I can kill mobs to get out frustration and build to be creative. I’ve also been learning some fun different things to do in the game, which has made it a lot fun to try them out.

The Society on Netflix

Credit: Netflix

I needed a new show to watch now that I’ve finished Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, so I decided to start The Society on Netflix. This show is based on a bunch of high school students that went on a trip only to be brought straight back home; however, everyone in the small town is gone and they are cut off from the rest of the world. The series follows the teenagers try to figure out what happened and start a society of their own. A bit like Lord of the Flies in that way.

Not doing a full review as I have not finished the first season yet, but here were a few thoughts I had while watching it at least the first few episodes:

  • Why set it up that there was this strange smell that amounted to literally nothing other than their reason to send the teenagers away?
  • How did none of the students notice they had turned around to go back home? I get it’s like another dimension or something, but still it’s weird.
  • They take way too long for teenagers to realize they are cut off from the rest of the world. At least one of them the second stepping off the bus would’ve gone to Twitter or something other than just calling their parents.
  • How did the buses leave if all exits from the town are cut off? They don’t explain like half the things that happen. It’s just this is how things are now. It’s weird, get used to it.
  • Did the parents not know what was going to happen to the kids? I know they mention one of them might have had some idea but they shredded the information before presenting it to anyone.

I’ll probably have it finished by next Saturday, so I’ll probably have more thoughts on the show by then. Hopefully one of these questions are answered… if they’re not maybe in season 2 since I know that’s coming soon according to Netflix.

Music Discoveries

This week there were two songs that I found through fandom edits of Shadowhunters, The 100, and The Vampire Diaries on YouTube. I normally don’t care those in these but I love watching these types of videos over on YouTube. At one point, I even debated on doing that myself but considering copyright issues with movies, shows, and music I stayed clear from going into that production myself. Still it’s usually where I find all of my favorite songs usually way before they become popular on the radio. Anyways… long intro over, the songs are:

The Lion King

Credit: Inverse

My all time favorite movie growing up was The Lion King. To tell you an all too embarrassing story. Before I was old enough to go to elementary school, I used to play this movie on VHS repeatedly along with the sequel. And that’s not the embarrassing part. Clearly. I used to pretend and crawl around on the back of the couch that I was Nala or Kiara. To saw I had the entire movie memorized is an understatement. So, let’s just say I held off on watching the remake as I was scared it wouldn’t live up to my childhood memories. And well, it did. It blew them out of the park. It was almost frame by frame, line by line, song by song identical.

There were changes to make it different, but I thought they were good changes. Or tasteful ones, I should say like not having ‘Lovely bunch of coconuts’ from Zuzu in his skeleton cage or the Third Reich part of ‘Be Prepared.’ They might be iconic, but that doesn’t always make it perfect. The song still had the same weight to it, as Scar was coming in as an outsider in the remake. Whereas, in the animated one he was already working with the hyenas so it wasn’t like he was their leader already. They had one. So, the tone was different. Plus they were trying to make the animals look realistic and well hyenas don’t march like the Third Reich. It may have been short… way shorter than the original, but it was still alright.

A change I wished was in the live version would be Rafiki hitting Simba over the head saying, “The past can hurt, but way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it.” As that was one of my favorite lines from the animated films. And something I have reminded myself anytime I look back to the past and regret something I said or did.

Though I think having Timon do a version of ‘Be Our Guest’ from Beauty and the Beast was perfect… I was dying of laughter in the theater.

Overall, loved the movie and would see it a hundred more times. Wasn’t intending to do an entire review in one of these posts, but considering the movie I can’t help it. The Lion King has a special place in my heart. Same goes with Anastasia, if that one ever gets a live action one (come on 20th Century Fox, looking at you since you’re not a Disney movie) I would probably do the same thing as that one is another I saw way too many times growing up.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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