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The Pop Culture Download #8: The Society, The Royals, and More


I’m half tempted to rename these from “My Week Through Reading, Music, and More” to “The Pop Culture Download.” Since that’s really more of what these are. Let me know what you think in the comments. Anyways, here’s everything that I’ve been enjoying or going through for the past week.


Credit: Netflix

I finished watching the first season of The Society on Netflix. And I’m just as confused as I was when I started the show. Not doing a review, but here are a few more thoughts I’ve had while finishing up the show:


These are songs that I discovered this week through shows, I’m positive I’ve heard these before in other shows but just refound them/added them to my music library:


Credit: Lionsgate

I was going to watch the sixth season of The 100 after finishing The Society, but instead I got sucked into watching The Royals. I kept seeing show recommended or at least clips of it on YouTube, so I decided to go watch the whole thing since it was available on Amazon Prime. There are four seasons, and so far I’ve only seen the first two. Brief summary, the show follows a fictional British royal family after the death of Prince Robert. I originally didn’t want to watch this show when it was first released as it was on E, and my sister watches everything on that channel. So, I thought it was something I wouldn’t be interested in. But boy was I wrong, this show is really interesting and I’m hooked.

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