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New Photo Style I’m Obsessed With


So I’ve been trying to figure out something different to do with my blog photography that’s not insanely similar to everyone else’s blog. So I started playing around with my photos and looking back on old scrapbooks I have that I used to do yearly before I started blogging. Plus after playing Life is Strange, Max had a journal that had a lot of drawings around her writing that I just loved how artist/creative it was. So I wanted to pull those elements into my blog with my photography.

I know this style isn’t for everyone or they might think it’s too much, but honestly I started blogging for me and I’m so over just plain photos on my blog. So going forward I’m going to be doing this “scrapbooking” style. I think I’m going to stick with blue or cyan colors to go with the overall look of the blog plus I think it would look really cool on the homepage with everything looking like a page in a scrapbook.

The second reason I started toying with the idea of switching up my photography is I’ve been finding my photographs on a lot of different websites that don’t respond to me about the fact they have my photos. Specifically my Christmas photos. I don’t mind if people use my photos as long as they ask permissions and credit me. But these didn’t and I don’t have money to get someone to help me stop that. Since switching from SquareSpace there are way more options to prevent this from happening, so I’m happy to have found that.  But I also just want the photos to be my own style. Something that hardly anyone is doing on their blogs. Just to make it my own. Do I think I’m the only person doing this? Hell no. But it’s a small percentage if there are people doing this.

What do you guys think of the new style? Exciting, weary, or hate it? Either way I’m going to keep doing it but would still love to hear your thoughts.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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