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Night-time Routine: How to Unwind After a Long Day


I haven’t shared my nighttime or bedtime routine before, but have always enjoyed reading these types of posts so I thought I would share mine today. Now not everything I do on a daily basis but this is the general process that I follow when I want to unwind and get ready for bed.

Now the very first step I do for the evening when I’m about to go to bed is not actually a relaxing, as I lay out the outfit I’m going to wear in the morning as well as the makeup I’m planning on using so I can easily get ready quickly in the morning. It’s not something that makes me unwind but it for sure helps relieve stress in the morning. Which is a relaxing thought in iteslf.

To begin the actual relaxing part of my routine, I take off all my makeup using e.l.f. makeup wipes. I wouldn’t say these are the greatest in the world but they get the job done, and cost almost nothing. Which is perfect since I go through them so quickly.

Next, depending on the day I usually will either run myself a bath complete with a bath bomb from Lush and Zoella Bath Latte. Or I’ll just take a shower if I’m too exhausted for a bath. Either case, I’m still using the Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner for my hair. Which I have been really loving. And I mix in a little bit of Lush Daddy-O as it helps with my blond hair so it doesn’t get brassy. If I’m taking a bath, I’ll also watch one of my favorite TV shows on Netflix. Recently I just finished watching The 100 Season 3, which was amazing! Or I’ll watch gaming videos on YouTube as most creators make episodes around thirty minutes, which is about as long as I take a bath for. Anything longer than that and the water has become too cold for my taste.

After my bath, then I’ll take out my contacts for the day. Then brush my teeth with some activated charcoal powder, it does not taste good but I see improvement every time I use it. Afterwards, I apply a moisturizer which is typically whatever the first sample I grab from one of the past Ipsy Glambags or e.l.f daily hydration. I would recommend one but I haven’t seen a huge difference between all of them to say one is better than the rest.

After applying moisturizer, I then put on my glasses and head downstairs to make myself a glass of something to drink. Either water, juice, milk, or hot chocolate. Then head back to my room to read a book for the next hour if I have the energy. Right now I’m reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, and I’m almost done with it. Next I’m going to be reading All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. Then I go to bed for the next.

Do you have a evening routine? What are your essentials?

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