November 2016 Goals

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Another month has come and gone. I honestly can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. I swear just yesterday it was the middle of the summer and a week ago I moved into a townhouse with my friends. But that was months ago now. So as it is a new month, it’s time to go over the goals for the month.

October’s Goals:

  • Have a gaming video live on my gaming channel every day of the month, mainly making sure Act 2 of Dragon Age II gets complete. I did not complete this goal, I got way too busy with work so I couldn’t film anything. I did upload almost regularly on the channel but it wasn’t every day.
  • Set up/move office to spare bedroom. These were both completed! And I love having them separate as I find it so much easier to be productive when my desk is not in my bedroom.
  • Set up and design lower living area. We managed to furnish most of the main floor but it still has a ways to go.
  • Throw a house warming party once lower living area is complete. Still pending living area to be completed.

Credit: QuotesGram Credit: QuotesGram

November’s Goals

  • Finish setting up the main floor with furniture and decorations.
  • Update my closet to finally move summer clothes to the back and fall clothes to the front.
  • Play around with making my own makeup, it’s something I’ve been into the thought of and I want to see where that goes.
  • Bake some seasonal desserts to enjoy throughout the month.
  • Finally get my budget to a spot where I’m not scraping to pay all my bills. Either by changing how I go about the budget or picking up more income somehow.

What are your goals for the month?


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