November 2017 Monthly Goals

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Another month, another set of monthly goals. This month is more focused on moving and getting prepared for that. I know a lot of people or bloggers I read, don’t mention if they are moving or huge life changes until after they happen. But I wouldn’t be able to write a list for the next few months because everything involves this one item. Plus I don’t really want to keep the process a secret.

October Revisited Goals

  • Visit several apartments & make the final decision on living solo or living with my roomie. I’m leading towards sticking with my roomie at this point, or risk going completely house broke. I’m going to be moving out on my own considering I changed positions at work will be making more money by the time I move. Plus as I mentioned in my life lately, I really want a second dog and don’t want to deal with all the roommate drama anymore.
  • Clear out makeup collection of products that didn’t work or don’t get used. Completed! I got rid of a bunch of products. I did get a new organizer but that was just so I could clear out more things and organize it better.
  • Fix my Taurus pendant necklace, the chain broke. I can’t fix the chain so I ended up ordering a replacement rose gold chain for it.
  • Get a set of hair extensions that match my hair color post color change that I did in September back to red. Done though the color is slightly off, I’m just going to get my hair done to match the extensions so it’s all good.
  • Get a small bookcase as my previous one fell apart and most of my books are sitting on the floor. Decided not to get a new bookcase as I’m planning on downsizing the number of large furniture pieces I have for when I move in a few months.
  • Finish 100 Days of Makeup on Instagram now that I’m back online. I believe there’s only 30 days left which would for sure be finish in October! Then I’m just going to post as much as possible on Instagram but by no means daily with a theme of makeup only. The 100DOM is done! Back to a mixture of photos.
  • Start actually using and bringing around my agenda/planner daily. Done. It’s helped me a lot to have this with me. Especially since I got a new one that’s slightly smaller in size.

November Goals

  • Get an apartment booked or name on wait list to move in the beginning of April. Granted my lease is up at the end of April. I want a week or so to move and not be so rushed.
  • Spray paint my new/used headboard, end tables, and other furniture black. Considering it will be too cold when it comes to moving to do this.
  • Get a full-size frame and get rid of queen sized box spring.
  • Go through shoes and donate/get rid of all shoes that I don’t wear or are broken.
  • Since I’ll have gotten paid I need to: get new wallet and replace my Driver’s License and Social Security Card. As well as get new debit card from the bank and get a hold of every account I have memberships with to see if I can get new cards. After getting new debit card, update billing on every payment/bill so those don’t have issues.
  • Save up money for moving (moving company, furniture removal since there are a lot of big pieces I’m going to have to part ways with, furniture purchase to replace the ones I am getting rid of for smaller units, deposit/ admin fees, etc.).
  • Pay off credit cards (this will probably be on several monthly goals) so I don’t have to deal with these after I move as this will help me from being as broke and allow me to afford more than a 400 sq. ft. apartment in the Twin Cities. As there’s no way in hell I’m getting rid of Pixie just to have an apartment that’s cheaper. Granted she would go to my mom, but she’s my dog and I’m not moving without her.

What’s on your month’s to-do list?

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