Nyx/Nox: Goddess of Night

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The second Goddess in the collection is Nyx/Nox or the goddess of the night, who was feared by Zeus and is the daughter of Chaos. She was also the mother to sleep, death, and darkness. And I thought it was only right to do this look using mainly NYX products. For this look I wanted to go something more Avant Garde with a galaxy effect created using various cream paints of purples, teals, blues, and white/silvers.

I’m starting out by applying primer and foundation all over my face as a base for all the paints to come. On the side of my face where I’m not doing the night sky with the Milky Way, I’m applying my usual blush, contour, and highlight.

On the side with the night sky, I’m first mapping out the area using a NYX Jumbo pencil then setting the cream pencil with NYX primal eyeshadow in black. Then I’m taking an array of cream paints in purples, teals, blues, whites, and silvers to create the appearance of the milky way on that side of my face. I thought it looked a tad bit too clean and smudged more black shadow around the edges as Nyx/Nox was feared by Zeus. So you know she’s since some stuff in her lifetime.

Then I’m using a combination of white and silver glitter to create the night sky.

One my non-night sky side of my face, I’m giving myself a glittery smokey eye with double cat liner. Don’t forget to do your non-covered brow.

Finally, I’m completing the look off with deep purple lips. I was going to originally do a teal/purple ombre lip but it didn’t look exactly how I wanted it to so I took that out and used a dark purple liquid lipstick instead.

What do you think of the look? And which Goddess do you think is next or you are most excited for?

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