October 2016 Goals

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This is the month Ariel moves out so the mass majority of the goals are going to be oriented around various house items. Whereas September was more focused on personal goals. And I say I did a pretty good chunk out of them though I didn’t complete them all. But they are a lot closer to completion than they were previously.

September’s Goals:

  • Get my Queen bed and set it up in my room. I did manage to get my Queen size bed granted it’s a full size with a mattress memory foam folded over to feel in the remaining space to make it a Queen.
  • Create a new logo for blog. I have a new one in a way. I have a “version” of it for fall, winter, and regular. Which I have placed on the blog. I ended up purchasing a few stock images and adjusting it to include my initials.
  • Actually film/create all the looks for the Goddess Collection in September and not have it carry into October. Three of the looks were completed and the rest will be completed in October.
  • Prepare all lunches at home rather than buying from fast food joints downtown or having convenience meals that you heat up in the microwave that are always somehow soggy. I did not manage to do this at all. The first half of the month I was good, but the second half was not.
  • Do yoga or some other type of workout two-three times a week. If you count a lot of walking, then I “exercised” otherwise I did not exercise once.

Credit: Quotesgram Credit: Quotesgram

October’s Goals:

  • Have a gaming video live on my gaming channel every day of the month, mainly making sure Act 2 of Dragon Age II gets complete.
  • Set up/move office to spare bedroom.
  • Set up and design lower living area.
  • Throw a house warming party once lower living area is complete.

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