October Monthly Goals

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I’M BACK! I haven’t been online all month. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing what I’ve been up to so I’m going to save that for then and focus more on the goals here. And I don’t have that many as I took the month of September to really reflect on what I want to do for the rest of the year and I think I have come up with a rough plan depending on how some things go. But some of those things depend on work, as I’m sort of in a new position at work so a lot of things are changing. And I’m loving it so far.

One housekeeping item, the “Is (BLANK) Cruetly Free” posts will still continue but will only be on weekends. And I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being so understanding with me taking the month off and leaving such lovely comments.

September Goals Revisited

  • Make myself a dentist and doctor appointment. Let’s just forget this one was ever on the list… I’ll get to it eventually.
  • Start working out 30 minutes every day. I did a lot of walking this month but that’s about it.
  • Start apartment hunting for move out at the end of April. The hunt has began but I’m torn at the moment between wanting to live on my own but being house broke, or continuing to live with my roommate so I’m not as house broke.
  • Stay offline for the entire month. Ok I have popped on a few times more just to write blog posts but I haven’t looked at the comments, so I will be reading and replying to those today. And I have been watching YouTube but only gaming videos and music videos, as they don’t have any drama in them. So I have a lot of beauty videos to catch up on. I see there has been several products released that look really cool that I want to try out.
  • Update my furniture with some new handles to make them a little more updated. I’m not going to do this as when I move, I’m just going to get a new end table/dresser thus making this unnecessary.
  • Go to EmoNight LA in Minneapolis. We did not go. My roommate wasn’t feeling good and I didn’t want to go alone.

October Goals

  • Visit several apartments & make the final decision on living solo or living with my roomie. I’m leading towards sticking with my roomie at this point, or risk going completely house broke.
  • Clear out makeup collection of products that didn’t work or don’t get used.
  • Fix my Taurus pendant necklace, the chain broke.
  • Get a set of hair extensions that match my hair color post color change that I did in September back to red.
  • Get a small bookcase as my previous one fell apart and most of my books are sitting on the floor.
  • Finish 100 Days of Makeup on Instagram now that I’m back online. I believe there’s only 30 days left which would for sure be finish in October! Then I’m just going to post as much as possible on Instagram but by no means daily with a theme of makeup only.
  • Start actually using and bringing around my agenda/planner daily.

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