One Brand Tutorial & First Impressions: e.l.f.

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I’ve had a lot of e.l.f. products in my makeup collection for ages that I’ve never touched. So I wanted to see if any of it was actually good and donate the rest. So this is a mixture of first impressions and just a tutorial overall. Some products definitely made the cut while others are going off to new homes. I had to seriously cut down the video too as it was an hour worth of footage. So hope you all enjoy!

I’m also trying out a new filming layout and I need to change a few things around as I’m not super happy with it especially for tutorials. I’m not one to hold a mirror in one hand apply makeup in the other. I much prefer a mirror just sitting in front of me, which isn’t possible with the current set up. So that will probably be different the next time I film a tutorial or video in general. But I am going to start doing a lot more videos in the future. So let me know what you love to see and I’ll try to make it happen.

What products did you enjoy? Or do you love from e.l.f?


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