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I’ve mentioned this elsewhere online, but I realized I haven’t posted anything here. And this place used to be my special corner of the internet. It still is but there’s a lot more books in that corner now. Nothing wrong with that though. I freaking love reading. Anyways… I’m in the process of moving apartments. The last four years at my current apartment building have been a rollercoaster of figuring out myself and being fully independent more so than when I had roommates. But my time here is done, so I’m packing up and moving to my next adventure.

That sounds easy enough, but it’s not.

For starters, my next apartment isn’t available for until mid-September and I will be leaving this place at the end of July. So, there’s six weeks where I’m technically homeless. My mom is letting me crash at her place though during that time period. Which is awesome, but it also means it’s back to what I call the Harry Potter closet for me. A room big enough for a full size bed and literally nothing else. And considering I work from home eighty percent of the week, that is going to get interesting. Since my sister works retail and Pixie will be living with Winnie again. I have a feeling the two old ladies are not going to be happy getting separated again, but we shall see when the time comes.

I’ve been working on moving my stuff a little every weekend. I’m sure you can probably tell with the background of my reviews as they have been rather lack luster. I don’t really have anything I can use at the moment to spice up the photos and my physical TBR is awaiting to move, so I’ve been reading heavily off my Kindle. Not to mention, all the books I had pre-ordered were severely delayed. I’ve updated them to ship to my mom’s place but I have a feeling they might get lost to the mail void. But I’ll go back after the move with those that I have the physical copy for and update the photos. Same goes for the ones I post next month and September. Though some I did photograph before I fully packed those up.

As for streaming, that’s on pause until maybe October. I’ll have a few final streams for in July, but otherwise I’m dropping offline from Twitch for the time being. There’s just no way I can make that work while I’m at my mom’s house. I’ll still be in my discord and social media, but that will be it for the time being. The same goes with bodypainting. That’s on pause until after the move.

I don’t foresee me living long-term at this next apartment, maybe a year or two at the most then I’m going to try to buy a place of my own. Hopefully, the market turns around by then. Or I’ll find a townhouse somewhere that I can rent, but the apartment life days I want to end within the next few years. I’m thirty, I just want my own space that I can do whatever I want with that I don’t have to consider temporary. I want to make my own office/library space with the Belle style ladder. But you can’t exactly do that in apartments. I mean you can but you have to do it carefully to avoid losing your security deposit. And I’m not in the mood to play that game. So, goal is this is my last apartment that I’m moving into then it’s grown-up place for me… hopefully… we’ll see if I can afford that.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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