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Outfit of the Day: Geometric Casual


My newest Stitch Fix box arrived and inside was a treasure trove. I ended up keeping three articles of clothing and sending back two (both of those didn’t fit me unfortunately). But compared to the previous box this one was amazing! So the later day I wore this blue lightweight denim top with a white key hole tank top underneath that has a triangle/geometric pattern embedded on it. Along with this I wore some dark washed skinny jeans and black knee high boots.

As far as what I did on this day, my mom and some of my extended family went out to some breweries around Northeast Minneapolis. I only really liked the beer at one of the places, but it was still a lot of fun especially as the next place was a dog haven as everyone seemed to bring their dog. So that I really enjoyed as I’m probably going to be a crazy dog lady some day.

As for makeup I was wearing the following:

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Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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