Overwatch: Learning Defense at the Training Range

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I’m back with more Overwatch. I’m actually just going to be posting at least on YouTube Overwatch every Thursday. So for each one of the training videos I’m going to do a post for the time being. For today, I’m focusing on defense class. Last week I did Offense.

What is Defense?

Defense is to guard locations, create choke points, and establish a front. Some heroes have long range weapons while others have the ability to create turrets, and excel at area denial.

Who are the Heroes?

The defense heroes in order that they appear above are: Torbjörn, Mei, Bastion, Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Junkrat. I swear anyone I’ve ever teamed up with ends up getting play of the game as Bastion. He’s also the easiest hero to play as. Followed by Widowmaker, Torbjörn, and Junkrat. And lastly Hanzo and Mei. My favorite to play as being either Bastion or Torbjörn. I absolutely suck as Junkrat or Widowmaker… but that doesn’t say much since I hardly ever play this class and still suck if I go in real matches with other people. I can hold my own against a medium AI however.

If you play Overwatch, who do you play as? Also I would love tips!


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