Overwatch: Learning Support at the Training Range

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The final class of Overwatch, it’s finally time to show the class I probably play the most at the current moment. Since generally as I play, no one I ever team up with wants to be the healer so I just end up doing it. Though I would prefer to be either Orisa the tank or one of the offensive characters.

What is Support?

Like the name would suggest, you are there mainly to support the other players on your team. By healing, buffing, or providing utility in some capacity. Overall they boost the performance of their team by increasing survival, speed, and damage output. But they are the worst duelists and die really easily.

Who are the Heroes?

As depicted above: Ana, Lúcio, Mercy, Symmetra, and Zenyatta. The easiest to play as being Ana. Followed by Lúcio and Symmetra being the medium difficulty. And lastly Zenyatta and Ana being the most challenging. Personally if I have to play as a support hero, I’m going with Lúcio. As I can do a fair amount of damage but also I love that everything he does has music involved. So if you come across a Lúcio named Habiku, it’s me probably failing but trying my hardest to stay alive and keep my team alive.

If you play Overwatch, who do you play as? Also I would love tips!


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