Overwatch: My Favorite Heroes to Play As

I have really gotten into playing Overwatch since I got it a few weeks ago. And have more or less figured out my favorite characters/heroes to play as. And one I just love in general from her looks but I am the worst at playing her. That being Widowmaker. I find her character so interesting but I am a terrible sniper. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get better at playing as her. So besides her, these are the main characters/heroes I find myself playing as.

  • Lucio: The hero I end up playing as the most. I like that he’s pretty good at both healing the team and boosting others.
  • Orisa: Playing this hero is great when you’re capturing points as you can hold up in a corner with a shield shooting everything and getting the objective time for the team.
  • Tracer: If I ever play offensive, I’m playing as either Genji, Sombra or Tracer. Tracer in particular since you can jump back and forth in “time” and get better advantage in battle.
  • Mercy: If there is a Pharah playing then I’ll switch from Lucio to Mercy as then you can basically fly around healing people.
  • Genji: Probably my favorite offensive hero in Overwatch. I love his attacks the most out of all the heroes.
  • Bastion: I love playing as this character for the rounds where you are moving the payload as you can just get onto the payload then turn into the stationary machine gun and shoot like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Sombra: I have a special place in my heart for the hacker that doesn’t play by any rules but her own. Plus she’s pretty awesome to play as in battle. If I’m on the defensive side of a round, she is one of the offensive characters I would switch to so we can stop the other team from reaching their objective.

Who are some of your favorite Heroes in Overwatch?


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