Overwatch: Opening 50 Summer Games Loot Boxes

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I love opening up Loot Boxes when I get them inside of Overwatch. I am currently level 9 so I haven’t earned a lot of boxes yet but since I’m still a fairly new player, getting to the next level isn’t too hard so I get them every few games at the moment. So currently Overwatch is doing their annual summer games, complete with custom skins, sprays. animations, voices, and more. This year they added an algorithm that’s supposed to make it so you don’t get duplicates in your boxes. I don’t have any of summer game items from last year as I didn’t have Overwatch, and don’t really have any from this year either. So I’m really excited to open these 50 boxes. I did purchase these myself. I took the recommendation of Suzy from KittyKatGaming that 100 boxes would be too much and then you are bound to get duplicates as the algorithm breaks at that point. So to avoid it I only got 50 boxes… and cause I don’t have that much money nor wanted to spend that much money on loot boxes.

I didn’t get all of the summer items opening up the 50 boxes so if you’re newer to the game you totally could get more. But just as a note 50 boxes is about $40. So that can get expensive. I did end up getting another 50 boxes after this video and the mass majority of everything. The only thing that I didn’t get that I really wanted was Widowmaker’s summer outfit. But there’s still time in the event to win more boxes. Which item would you love from all the items in Overwatch? I seriously am in love with Mercy’s skin from this event as it’s a Greek/Roman Goddess. I love it!

I also got a lot of other uncommon/rare things that I really wanted including some awesome regular skins that I wanted. Especially the ancient skin for Bastion and posh skin for Tracer. So overall super happy about it and I didn’t get a single duplicate. Which was awesome!


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