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Overwatch: Summer Games 2017

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Overwatch is currently doing an event for the summer and some of the heroes got new skins while others got phrases, highlight reels, sprays and more. There was also a new map that was added into the mix. And I’m excited about this since I missed out last year as I didn’t have the game, but I seriously have added this game to the list of “Games I’m Addicted to.” If you missed last years event, like myself you can purchase the limited edition items.

“The Summer Games return for more fun in the sun! This year, we’re celebrating the spirit of competition with a new Lúcioball arena, leaderboards, and competitive play. Unlock over 50 new seasonal items—including legendary skins like Mercy’s Winged Victory, Grillmaster: 76, and Lifeguard McCree—alongside all your favorite summer gear from last year.”

— Overwatch

New 2017 Summer Games cosmetic items:

  • Legendary Skins: 3,000 credits
  • Epic Skins: 750 credits
  • Rare tier: 225 credits
  • Common tier: 75 credits

2016 Summer Games cosmetics

  • Legendary Skins: 1,000 credits
  • Epic Skins: 250 credits
  • Rare tier: 75 credits
  • Common tier: 25 credits

Along with the event, Blizzard announced a couple of fixes for PC specific to Reinhardt and Sombra:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Reinhardt’s Charge to push characters through walls
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sombra to reach unintended locations on Anubis

The Overwatch Summer Games 2017 will run through August 29.

I seriously love the new skin for Mercy and Widowmaker, granted I rarely play as them. I’m going to be sharing that list next week, so keep an eye out for that. Who’s new look do you love the most?


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