Overwatch: Talon vs. Overwatch

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In Overwatch, there is no difference when you’re playing the game on which side you play as. But in the background there is massive lore/backstory released through mini shorts, and the characters are divided into heroes and villains. And I love watching the mini shorts. Hopefully one day they will actually make a movie because they already have fantastic backstory that they could make a movie out of. Or make something completely new. So I thought for today’s post, I would go over where each hero technically fall. Plus they just released a new character at Blizzcon! There are three groups: those part of Overwatch, those part of Talon, and those not part of either.

Overwatch – Heroes

  • Pharah – Founding member of Overwatch and officer in the Egyptian Army.
  • Mercy – Chief medical researcher of Overwatch. After Overwatch disbanded she dedicated herself to helping those who were affected by decades of global war.
  • Tracer – Real name: Lena Oxton. Test pilot in Overwatch’s experimental flight program but developed a condition called “chronal disassociation” where she kept jumping in time. Winston invented a chronal accelerator to re-synchronize her. She also has a girlfriend named Emily.
  • Solider: 76 – Real name: Jack Morrison. Founding member and previous leader of Overwatch who faked his death after the Omnic Crisis, though he did wage a personal war to discover the truth behind the events that led to the fall of Overwatch.
  • Mei – Employee of Overwatch to find the cause of the plant’s changing climate. Became stuck in cryostasis and awoke a decade later.
  • Torbjorn – Engineer for Overwatch to assist in ending the Omnic Crisis and developed weapons that were later stolen.
  • Reinhardt – Founding member of Overwatch. He was part of the original Overwatch strike team and remained in service well into his fifties. He was forced into mandatory retirement though he stayed around to watch the end of Overwatch refusing to give up his ideals.
  • Winston – Scientist of Overwatch and went into seclusion at an old Overwatch base in Gibraltar.
  • Ana – A member of Overwatch and sniper in the Egyptian defense forces. She was Jack Morrison’s second-in-command during the conflict. She was supposed to kill Widowmaker but she recognized her best friend Amelie, and couldn’t do the kill shot. Widowmaker ended up shooting her in the right eye causing her to lose it.
  • Liao – This is not a playable character. But is one of the founding members of Overwatch. We will possibly see this character being introduced in the game in the future as we don’t know much of this character other than they were one of the founding members.

Talon – Villains

  • Reaper – Real name: Gabriel Reyes. Mercenary and terrorist, and founding member of Overwatch. But he is the current leader of Talon, the organization opposing Overwatch.
  • Widowmaker – Real name: Amelie Lacroix. Sleeper agent of Talon and wife of Overwatch agent, she awoke after being kidnapped and killed her husband then returned to Talon. Where she underwent extensive training in covert arts, and her physiology was altered to slow her heart which turned her skin blue. This conditioning also numbed her emotions.
  • Sombra – Real name: Olivia Colomar. Hacker and member of Talon, though she’s only using them to discover who uncovered her.
  • Doomfist – Real name: Akande Ogundimu. He is the current owner of the Gauntlet and member of Talon.
  • Moira – Geneticist who’s work was halted by Overwatch leading her to join Talon. She was shown to provide Reaper with his abilities.


  • Genji – Was part of Overwatch after Mercy restored him following Hanzo attempt at murder, he left Overwatch to go on a search for peace.
  • McCree – Bounty Hunter and vigliante, after being captured served time as being part of the black ops division of Overwatch Blackwatch.
  • Hanzo – Brother of Genji who attempted to kill his brother apart the clan’s order. After killing his brother, he left the clan to restore his horror.
  • Bastion – Battle automaton that during the Omnic Crisis was used against humans. Bastion was severely damaged in the field and left dormant. Years later Bastion woke up and developed a fascination with nature but avoids humans due to its combat programming.
  • Roadhog – Real name: Mako Rutledge. Member of the Australian Liberation Front to strike against the omnium which turned the Outback into a radioactive wasteland that severely disfigured his face. He is a ruthless killer and employed Junkrat as his bodyguard.
  • Junkrat – Bodyguard of Roadhog for 50-50 share of the profits from their finds.
  • D. Va – Real name: Hana Song. A professional gamer turned human pilot of battle mech for the South Korean army.
  • Zarya – Real name: Aleksandra Zaryanova. A bodybuilder and weightlifter from Siberia. She joined local forces to fight against the omnium. She was also hired by Katya Volskaya to kill Sombra.
  • Symmetra – Real name: Satya Vaswani. Employee of Vishkar Corporation and oversees missions around the world for them. She is also apparently autistic.
  • Lucio – DJ and freedom fighter that turned to music to lift up the spirits of his disheartened people. Later he performed in arenas worldwide.
  • Zenyatta – Omnic monk and mentor of Genji. He was initially apart of Shambali order whose leader Tekhartha Mondatta was assassinated by Widowmaker. Their purpose was to heal the breach between humans and omnics. Zenyatta disagreed with their approach and went on his own to seek those that need help finding inner piece, such as Genji.

As we just received a new Talon member, Moira, Who do you think will appear next in the game? Liao or someone else? My money is on Liao.

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