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Overwatch: Talon vs. Overwatch


In Overwatch, there is no difference when you’re playing the game on which side you play as. But in the background there is massive lore/backstory released through mini shorts, and the characters are divided into heroes and villains. And I love watching the mini shorts. Hopefully one day they will actually make a movie because they already have fantastic backstory that they could make a movie out of. Or make something completely new. So I thought for today’s post, I would go over where each hero technically fall. Plus they just released a new character at Blizzcon! There are three groups: those part of Overwatch, those part of Talon, and those not part of either.

Overwatch – Heroes

Talon – Villains


As we just received a new Talon member, Moira, Who do you think will appear next in the game? Liao or someone else? My money is on Liao.

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