Photo Diary: Christmas Decorations

It’s Christmas time! And we’ve decorated my mom’s townhouse with all the decorations from snowman to Christmas tree to centerpiece on the table. This is my mom’s first time having a “pretty” tree as she puts it. Meaning, not putting up all the ornaments my sister and I made over the years when we were kids. Which caused my sister, Lucy, to get frustrated since she wasn’t excepting it. Especially considering this is also the first year my mom put up a fake tree not a real Fraiser tree. And I sided with my mom with the fake tree with the non-childhood ornamenets. We decided to go with a gold and red theme for the tree as my mom found ornaments of that color pattern that she loved. Plus it’s also the colors of my sister’s favorite hockey team, so once I pointed that out she was happier with the tree. I personally would love to have my blue and bronze ornaments with white woodland creatures, but I’m apparently the only one in our family that loves that. Hopefully next year I can bring that back. But for the meantime, I’m quite happy with this tree. So here is a little photo diary of our Christmas decorations.


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