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Photo Diary: Crisp Evening Walk in the Woods


I haven’t been out and about for a photo outing in a while. Mainly because these days if I go out for a walk with the dogs, I have to take both dogs (Winnie and Pixie). And while Pixie is excellent on these walks, Winnie could never come on these walks. Mainly as when we go for walks in the woods, we often run into other dogs and Winnie cannot be anywhere near other dogs.

I can’t wait for the leaves to change in the nearby woods so I can go out there for another photo adventure with Pixie. She loves it as we get to go for a walk without Winnie and can run to her hearts content as I take some photos. Don’t worry she has amazing recall, and by that I mean she personally doesn’t like to go far enough where she can’t see me and will immediately come back if she thinks she has gotten to far. Mainly she just scopes like four feet in front of me then rolls around in the grass as I take photos.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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