Photo Diary: Depotting Makeup

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Over the weekend, I had the brilliant idea that I was going to depot all of my NYX Hot Single Eyeshadows and Prismatic Eyeshadows then put them all into a Z Palette that I got at Sephora. I watched about five different videos and explanations on how to best complete this task so I would 1. not destroy the shadows, and 2. not destroy my hands in the process. Let’s say those two things didn’t really happen. I managed to break two of my shadows though I was able to repair them using some alcohol from the pharmacy, and my hands are cut up all over the place. I also used the Z Palette to house some of the samples that I have gotten over the years from various subscription boxes that were getting lost due to being a tiny pan with only a small plastic casing. Some of these I don’t remember what they were so I couldn’t label them.

How-To Remove NYX Single Eyeshadows From Their Packaging:

  1. Use a slot head screwdriver to pry the shadow out of the packaging.
  2. Use a straight iron with a sheet of tin foil over the plate to heat up the bottom of the top lid of the eyeshadow. Only leave on the heat for about a minute or two, bottom should be melted once removed. For protection, where a heat resistant glove so you don’t burn yourself.
  3. Take the screwdriver and press up against the shadow from the melted lid. This will push the eyeshadow pan off the glue so you can put it into your Z Palette. Be clearly not to push too hard or you will destroy your eyeshadow.
  4. Take some magnetic tape and put on the back of the pan so you can secure it in your Z Palette.

To begin the project I did not use a slot head screwdriver, I used the little tool that came with the Z palette then a tweezer. Those only left me with little punctures all over my hand and very sore hands from trying to pry the shadows out. With those tools it took me around 10 minutes a shadow to get them out. Then I switched to the slot head screwdriver which helped remove all of them in 10 minutes, but left me with a cut across my left palm right along my crease line so Band-Aids will not stay in place. And I want to make sure it’s covered so it doesn’t get infected. So my entire hand is basically wrapped up to the point it almost looks like I sprained it. And my hand hurts to type which is what I have to do all day, as the bandage rubs the wound with every movement. But it’s more of just a slight sting, so it’s not stopping me from doing any of my daily activities.

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