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Photo Diary: Walk in the Woods


The other night it was so gorgeous and I decided it would be a good idea to take both of the dogs for a walk. Normally if I’m going to go for a walk I’ll only take Pixie with me and leave my roommate’s dog behind. But she recently got us a double lease so we can hook both dogs together. Now Pixie and Kiki both like to explore while walking and typically they go in separate directions. So starting the walk it was super difficult as they didn’t understand how to walk connected to each other and kept trying to go in different directions. But by the end of the walk, they were walking side by side with Pixie leading as she cannot stand anyone being in front of her. I also decided that I would shoot my newest photo pack while we were on the walk, and I’m super proud of this one as the photos came out amazing. Not sure what my next photo pack is going to be next but I want to do another one before the summer photo pack.


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