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Picking Random Makeup Colors AND Making Them Work Challenge #4


This has to be one of my favorite challenges… considering I’ve done it three times before already. It’s just so simple and forces you outside of your makeup comfort zone. I generally wear the same makeup every day with a few slight variations. So this challenge really makes me experiment. I chose five eyeshadows at random then added one more for a transition, and chose a random liquid lipstick from my collection. The color combination that I got really had me stumped on what to even create. And as I created the look I was very unsure of it until I reached the end, then somehow it just seemed interesting in a way I was expecting that made me like it. Now would I wear this as an everyday look? No. But maybe if I was going out I would attempt to recreate this or something similar.

Products Used

What do you think of the finished look? Would you attempt this?

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