Pixie Turns 4 Years Old

My baby turned 4 years old today! According to what we were told from the foster home where she was born, July 21st is her birthday. We didn’t get her until October but since I know her actual birthday I celebrate both at once. It’s still hard to believe that she’s already four, it still seems like I literally just got her a year or two ago.

I love how her coloring hasn’t changed that much since we got her. Originally she was a family dog between my mom, my sister and myself. But now she’s just my dog, since basically she loves me the most since I taught her and got up with her every night when we first got her. Also since my room for the first year of her life was her “kennel” when we were at work, she sort of just sees me as being in charge/mom. When we got her I was still dealing with self-harm and severe depression daily, but after we got her I haven’t self-harmed since. I haven’t wanted to. Now I still have depression but Pixie really helps me as she refuses to let me focus on it. Second I start feeling really bad, she comes over and puts her head and paw on my leg so I pay attention to her instead of the demons in my head. I could never imagine parting from her.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before how we got Pixie or came across her. When my mom, sister, and I left my alcoholic father and moved into a small townhouse that was sort of falling apart with weird smells from the previous owner we decided we all needed a dog. We hadn’t had any pets since I left for college and my childhood dog, Sadie, passed away. After months of applying for dog adoptions around the Twin Cities, they all were gone before we even got to the house visit. Then I found a litter that had been born out in Fairbanks, MN through a foster/rescue out there. I can’t remember the name. They had rescued a Corgi from Kentucky that had been abandoned in a railroad car and later gave birth at the foster home to Pixie’s litter. The day we were going to go get the pup (we were going to go look at multiple of them), I ended up having to work. So my mom and sister went to look at the puppies. We were torn between one named Susie and one named Ramona. At the adoption according to my family, Ramona had really coarse fur while Susie did not. Not that there is anything wrong with coarse fur, my mom just prefers dogs with softer fur. It took us months afterwards to name her. But ultimately we changed her name from Susie to Pixie, and later she got the nickname/middle name Bug.

Now she is a very anxious and high energy dog, but I love her to death! So happy birthday my little Bug!


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