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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl: Guide for Defeating the Gym Leaders & Elite Four


I recently got Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, so I thought I would do a little guide on the gyms that you have to go through during the course of the game. There is no difference between the games and the gym leaders. They are similar to the classic Diamond and Pearl games, so you go through the gyms to face the trainers before reaching the leader. There is no challenge or mission, or special feature of the gym like there was in Pokemon Sword/Shield.

Gym #1: Oreburgh City

  • Gym Leader: Roark
  • Pokemon Level: 12-14
  • Weakness: Ground, Steel, Grass, Water

Gym #2: Eterna City

  • Gym Leader: Gardenia
  • Pokemon Level: 19-22
  • Weakness: Ice, Fire, and Flying

Gym #3: Veilstone City

  • Gym Leader: Maylene
  • Pokemon Level: 27-30
  • Weakness: Flying and Fairy; last pokemon is: Fighting, Fire, Ground.

Gym #4: Pastoria City

  • Gym Leader: Crasher Wake
  • Pokemon Level: 27-30
  • Weakness: Grass, Electric

Gym #5: Hearthome City

  • Gym Leader: Fantina
  • Pokemon Level: 32-36
  • Weakness: Ghost, Dark

Gym #6: Canalave City

  • Gym Leader: Byron
  • Pokemon Level: 36-39
  • Weakness: Ground, Water, Fighting

Gym #7: Snowpoint City

  • Gym Leader: Candice
  • Pokemon Level: 38-42
  • Weakness: Fighting, Bug, Fire, Poison, Steel, Flying

Gym #8: Sunyshore City

  • Gym Leader: Volkner
  • Pokemon Level: 46-49
  • Weakness: Ground, Fighting, Grass, Electric

Elite Four & Champion

  • Elite Four: Aaron
    • Pokemon Level: 53-57
    • Weakness: Flying, Fire, Electric, Ground, Psychic
  • Elite Four: Bertha
    • Pokemon Level: 55-59
    • Weakness: Grass, Water, Ice, Steel
  • Elite Four: Flint
    • Pokemon Level: 57-61
    • Weakness: Ground, Water, Rock
  • Elite Four: Lucian
    • Pokemon Level: 59-63
    • Weakness: Dark, Fighting, Ghost
  • Champion Cynthia
    • Pokemon Level: 60-66
    • Weakness: Fairy, Grass, Fire (Mixture of Pokemon so these don’t apply across the board)

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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