Pokemon Go: Hatching Eggs

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Pokemon Go was a major trend in 2016 and is still around today though you don’t see as many people glued with their eyes to their phone walking as slow as possible to catch Pokemon. Though there is still a strong community around the app with surges of players during their special events. I still play this game from time to time as I work downtown and it’s good to kill a few minutes while waiting in line for some lunch. Today I wanted to focus on the eggs and what hatches from each of the tiers.

2KM Eggs

These eggs have green spots and yield the following: 200 XP, 5 to 15 candies, 500-1500 Stardust.

  • Common: Pichu, Nidoran (m), Geodude, Krabby, Nidoran (f)
  • Uncommon: Oddish, Diglett, Abra, Machop, Slowpoke, Ghastly, Exeggute, Spinarak, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Aipom, Slugma
  • Rare: Remoraid
  • Super rare: Misdreavus

5KM Eggs

These eggs have orange/yellow spots and yield the following: 500 XP, 10 to 21 candies, 1000-2100 Stardust.

  • Common: Poliwag, Ponyta, Phanby
  • Uncommon: Growlithe, Shellder, Drowzee, Voltorb, Cubone, Rhyhorn, Evee, Chinchou, Natu, Marill, Hoppip, Wooper, Swinub, Mantine, Stantler, Tyrogue, Smoochum, Elekid, Magby
  • Rare: Seel, Onix, Tangela, Scyther, Pinsir, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totadile, Snubbul, Teddiursa, Houndour
  • Super rare: Griber, Lickitung, Koffing, Omanyte, Kabuto, Pineco,Gligar, Qwilfish, Sneasel
  • Hyper Rare: Wobbufet, Girafarig, Dunsparce, Shuckle

10KM Eggs

These eggs have purple spots and yield the following: 1000 XP, 16 to 32 candies, 1600-3200 Stardust.

  • Uncommon: Porygon, Dratini, Mareep, Larvitar
  • Rare: Chasey, Sudowoodo, Skarmory
  • Super rare: Lapras, Aerodactyl, Snorlax, Miltank

Pokemon No Longer Available in Eggs:

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Chambader, Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Zubat, Meowth, Mankey, Bellsprout, Doduo, Horsea, Magikarp, Sentrat, Hoothoot, Ledyba, Sunkern, Murkrow, Snubbull, Teddiursa, Tentacool, Psyduck, Sandshrew, and Paras

Pokemon Only Available in Eggs:

  • Pichu (baby Pikachu)
  • Togepi (baby Togetic)
  • Cleffa (baby Clefairy)
  • Igglybuff (baby Jigglypuff)
  • Magby (baby Magmar)
  • Smoochum (baby Jinx)
  • Elekid (baby Electobuzz)

How to Hatch Eggs:

  • Go to your Pokémon Egg screen.
  • Tap on the Pokémon Egg you want to Incubate.
  • Tap on Start Incubation.
  • Tap on the Incubator you want to use.


Everyone starts out with one unlimited incubator that is orange. At various level ups you can get a three time use incubator or they can be purchased. To purchase the 3 time usage incubator:

  • Tap the Incubator button at the bottom right.
  • Tap on the Shopping Bag button at the bottom right.
  • Tap on the Incubator button.
  • Tap on the Exchange For (150 coins) button.

Note: Now there is nothing you can do to change the chances of what hatches out of the eggs that you get through Pokestops. This is more merely a guide to what your chances are at getting what Pokemon inside of each egg.

If you reach 35 KM/H (22 MP/H), you’ll get the speed-lock pop up. At that point, little if any of your distance will be counted.

They do switch out which Pokemon are available in eggs. These are the current ones that are available in the eggs. I will keep this post updated if any of the Pokemon are switched around.

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