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Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee: Where to Find the Original Starter Pokémon


In Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee unlike other games where you pick your starter Pokémon, your starter is picked out for you. Either it’s an Eevee or Pikachu depending on the version of the game you purchased. I, of course, went with Eevee as it’s my favorite Pokémon. But you can get the original starters in the game for free, granted you do need to complete a few goals before they are handed over to you. So I thought since I’ve been playing the game a bunch, I would share where you can locate them.


Now you can check this little one in the wild at Viridian Forest on Route 2. But you also can get a free or gifted one in Cerulean City, located in the first house on the western side of town just as you enter off of Route 4. As long as you have caught 30 Pokémon in total, she’ll give you the Bulbasaur. Now by the time I took the screenshot, my Bulbasaur was a Venusaur and couldn’t fit inside which is why you can’t see the big guy behind me.


You can find this Pokémon in the wild on Route 3, Route 4, and Rock Tunnel. However, they are not common just like Bulbasaur appearing in the wild. You need catch combos and lures for Charmander to appear. But you can get a free one on Route 24 in the top left corner. To get the Charmander, you need to have caught a total of 50 Pokémon.


This Pokémon is the latest to be found in the game both in the wild and gifted. You can find Squirtle on Route 24 and 25, but very rarely is spawned until you get a decent sized Catch Combo or use a lure. But you can get a Squirtle gifted to you in Vermillion City from the Police Officer. She was struggling to catch up to the Squirtle after it smashed through a house in Cerulean City. If you’ve caught a total of 60 Pokémon you will be given the Squirtle.

I personally would recommend just going with the free options instead of spending ages trying to rack up the Catch Combos. Since the chance of one spawning is extremely low and the stats typically aren’t worth that compared to the easy to get ones.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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