Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Guide Team Star & Cassiopeia

Team Star is the big group that you face off against in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Unlike groups in past games, they aren’t trying to take over the world, kidnap Pokémon, or stop your character in any way. They are a group of rebellious students who have a reputation for bullying students. In truth, they were the ones to stop the bullies but gained a bad reputation for doing so. They have the signature catchphrase of “Hasta la vistar.” Your character is recruited by someone going by Cassiopeia to take the groups down by challenging their five bosses. Each of them is located at its own base, and getting through each section is the same.

You complete one battle at the gate of the base, get 10 minutes to defeat 30 Pokémon using the auto-battle feature and the first three Pokémon on your team, then defeat the boss of the base.

There is a recommended order based on levels. I did not follow it, but I will be sharing these in the order it’s supposed to be done.

Giacomo, the Dark Crew Boss

The first recommended Team Star base is the Dark Crew also known as Segin Squad. Giacomo is a musician, who created the team’s soundtrack and is the second in command of Team Star. Fairy, Fighting, and Bug-type Pokémon are the best to get through this base. Giacamo’s two Pokémon are:

  • Pawniard – Lvl 21 – Dark/Steel
  • Revavroom (Segin Starmobile) – Lvl 20 – Dark

Once you beat Giacomo, you get LP points, crafting materials, and TM062 Foul Play.

Mela, the Fire Crew Boss

The next recommended Team Star base is the Fire Crew also known as Schedar Squad. Mela loves the punk rock style and huge boots. The entire base is fire-type, with no dual typing. So, your best Pokémon are going to be water, rock, and ground-type.

  • Torkoal – Lvl 27 – Fire
  • Revavroom (Schedar Starmobile) – Lvl 26 – Fire

Once you beat Mela, you get LP points, crafting materials, and TM038 Flame Charge.

Atticus, the Poison Crew Boss

Atticus is the boss of the Poison crew base, also known as the Navi Squad. Atticus designed all of the outfits for Team Star. To get through this base and boss, you’ll want ground and psychic-type Pokémon. But fighting-type moves also work.

The boss has twice the amount of Pokémon as the previous two bosses.

  • Skuntank – Lvl 32 – Poison/Dark
  • Revavroom – Lvl 33 – Poison/Steel
  • Muk – Lvl 33 – Poison
  • Revavroom (Navi Starmobile) – Lvl 32 – Poison

Once you beat Atticus, you get LP points, crafting materials, and TM102 Gunk Shot.

Ortega, the Fairy Crew Boss

The fairy crew, also known as the Ruchbah Squad, is led by Ortega. He is a pianist that built all of the mechanics for Team Star, such as the Starmobiles that all the bosses use. The best way to get through the base and boss is with steel and poison-type Pokémon.

  • Azumarill – Lvl 50 – Water/Fairy
  • Dachsbun – Lvl 50 – Fairy
  • Wigglytuff- Lvl 50 – Fairy/Normal
  • Revavroom (Ruchbah Starmobile) – Lvl 50 – Fairy

Once you beat Ortega, you get LP points, crafting materials, and TM079 Dazzling Gleam.

Eri, the Fighting Crew Boss

The last base is the fighting crew base, also known as the Caph Squad. This base is led by Eri. She’s a former pro wrestler that trained all of Team Star.

Eri’s team consists of:

  • Toxicroak – Lvl 55 – Poison/Fighting
  • Lucario – Lvl 55 – Fighting/Steel
  • Passimian – Lvl 55 – Fighting
  • Annihilape – Lvl 56 – Fighting/Ghost
  • Revavroom (Caph Starmobile) – Lvl 56 – Fighting

Psychic and flying-type Pokémon are your best friends for this base, but Fire-type can help against Lucario.

Once you beat Eri, you get LP points, crafting materials, and TM167 Close Combat.

Director Clavell Battle

When you head back to the academy, Director Clavell appears and claims to be Cassiopeia. He’s not, but he will force you into a battle. His final Pokémon is strong against your starter, so plan to use someone else against that one. Rock, dark, and ice cover the majority of his team, while electric, water, or ice can help against the ace.

So, what is his team?

  • Oranguru – Lvl 60 – Normal
  • Abomasnow – Lvl 60 – Grass/Ice
  • Polteageist – Lvl 60 – Ghost
  • Houndoom – Lvl 60 – Dark/Fire
  • Amoonguss – Lvl 60 – Grass/Poison
  • Meowscarada, Skeledirge, Quaquaval – Lvl 61 – Grass/Dark, Fire/Ghost, or Water/Fighting

Once you defeat him, he’ll tell you to face off against Cassiopeia in the Schoolyard at night.

Cassiopeia (Penny) the Big Boss Battle

Penny appears in the schoolyard at night when you go there and reveals herself as Cassiopeia. She started Team Star to help stop the bullies that were going after her friends. She is terrified of seeing people face-to-face and had spent the last year and a half studying aboard after the events that led to Team Star going off to the bases instead of attending classes. She decided to disband Team Star when she came back and learned that they were going to get expelled if they didn’t do so, and she wanted to protect her friends by using the code they made against them.

Penny’s team is unique in that it’s made entirely of Eevee evolutions. So, all of them have different weaknesses.

The evolutions she has are:

  • Umbreon – Lvl 62 – Dark
  • Flareon – Lvl 62 – Fire
  • Vaporeon – Lvl 62 – Water
  • Leafeon – Lvl 62 – Grass
  • Jolteon – Lvl 62 – Electric
  • Sylveon – Lvl 63 – Fairy

Once you defeat Penny, the Team Star questline is done. I won’t spoil how it all plays out, but at the end of the cutscenes, you get TM169 Draco Meteor from Penny.

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