Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Guide to the Titans & Arven Battle

With the release of the newest Pokémon game (Scarlet and Violet), I absolutely love playing the game. Unlike some of the predecessors, this game has three main plotlines (gyms/elite four, titans, and team star). So, I’m going to be sharing a guide on most of those sections as I complete them here on my blog. I’m not sure if I’ll do one on Team Star as they are pretty straightforward, but I could share what the boss Pokémon are in that. So, we’ll see. But today, I’m sharing how to get through all the Titans as well as the final boss of this section.

The Titan questline with Arven is your way to unlock the hidden moves by feeding sandwiches made with Herba Mystica to Koraidon (Scarlet) or Miraidon (Violet). These hidden moves you unlock through the herbs are: mount, dash, jump higher, swim, glide, and scale up cliffs.

Not only are you helping to heal Koraidon or Miraidon, but you’re helping Arven heal his Pokémon (a Mabostiff who got severely injured in the Great Crater). While he might be involved in the questline, his pokemon are not really helpful in battle, so don’t plan on relying on him to get through the encounters.

I’m going to be sharing these in the recommended order based on their levels, but I did not do them in this order. I went: Klawf, Orthworm, Bombirdier, Iron Treads, then Dondozo/Tatsugiri.

So, what are the Titans and what do they get you?

Stony Cliff Titan (Klawf)

You can find Klawf right away, it’s the first Titan of this questline so it’s only level 16, which you should be relatively leveled for when you reach this area. It’s off the East side of the academy. It doesn’t have any gimmicks, so it’s a straightforward fight. As Klawf is a rock-type pokémon, your best types to use against it are: fighting, grass, ground, steel, and water.

Once the Titan is defeated, you get the Sweet Herba Mystica, which grants you the ability to dash.

Open Sky Titan (Bombirdier)

The next Titan is Bombirdier, this one is a level 19 pokémon that is dark/flying type, so it’s weak to electric, ice, rock, and fairy-type moves. The fight is rather straightforward like the first one, so it’s fairly easy to take down.

Once you’re defeated the Titan, you find the Bitter Herba Mystica which allows you to move across water.

Lurking Steel Titan (Orthworm)

Next, you’re going back across the map to the Steel Titan which is an Orthworm. Which is a steel type, but you cannot use ground-type moves on it due to its “Earth Eater” ability. So, you’re going to want to use fighting or fire-type moves against it. This pokémon is level 29. Other than the ground-type canceling ability, it’s a straightforward fight.

Once you’ve defeated the worm, you get the Salty Herba Mystica which allows you to jump higher.

Quaking Earth Titan (Great Tusk or Iron Treads)

This next pokémon Titan differs depending on your game. For Scarlet, you are fighting against Great Tusk, while in Violet you’re going against Iron Treads. Both are level 45 and come from the Great Crater.

Great Tusk is ground/fighting type, so you want to use water, grass, fairy, flying, or psychic type moves against it. Flying type would be best since it won’t be affected by Great Tusk’s ground-type moves.

Iron Treads is ground/steel type, so you want fighting, ground, fire, or water pokémon to go against it. However, fire needs to be careful against the ground-type moves, since it’s going to be at a type disadvantage against those.

Once you’ve defeated either Great Tusk or Iron Treads, you get the Sour Herba Mystica which allows you to glide from cliffs.

False Dragon Titan (Dondozo and Tatsugiri)

The last Titan in this quest line is the hardest at level 55. It’s also a two-for-one Titan, meaning you got two different battles to plan for. One is against a large Tatsugiri and the other is against Dondozo. The large Tatsugiri is your clue. Attempt to interact with it to start the Titan Battle. Dondozo will eat the Tatsugiri and you’re left only fighting Dondozo for the first round.

Dondozo is a water type, so grass or electric-type moves are your friends for this battle. After defeating Dondozo, it will swim off. Chase after it then you’re fighting Dondozo again followed by Tatsugiri. Tatsugiri is water/dragon type, so you’ll want fairy-type moves to use against it.

Once you’ve defeated both pokémon, you get the Spicy Herba Mystica which allows you to scale up vertical cliffs thus allowing you to explore all of Paldea.

Arven Boss Battle

The quest line continues to the lighthouse. After hearing from the professor (either his mother or father depending on the version you are playing) that requests you come to the crater with some friends, Arven will challenge you to a battle. This is one of the main boss battles in the game. So, it’s not going to be an easy fight. You have seen most of his pokemon before but they have leveled up significantly for this battle. So, what are his pokemon:

  • Greedent, level 58 (normal)
  • Scovillian, level 60 (grass/fire)
  • Garganacl, level 60 (rock)
  • Toedscruel, level 61 (grass/ground)
  • Cloyster, level 59 (water/ice)
  • Mabostiff, level 63 (dark with dark Tera Type)

I was significantly underleveled the first time I faced Arven, I was around level 35-40, so I didn’t really stand much of a chance. So, if you level your pokemon up this isn’t a crazy tough battle. Though he doesn’t specialize, so you need a bit of mixed party to face him. Though looking at his pokemon, your best moves are going to be between flying, ground, water, and fighting.

And that’s the entire Titan quest line. I thought it was one of the best plotlines I’ve seen in Pokémon games and it actually tugged on my heartstrings. Arven just wanted to make his buddy feel better again after potions and PokéCenters failed to heal him previously. Of course, Arven has more to his story that involves going to the Great Crater, but you need to finish the Team Star and Champion/Elite Four questlines first. I’ll share those once I finish them, as of posting this I only have done one team star and four gyms.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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