Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Great Crater

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet ends when you go into the Great Crater after the professor with Penny, Arven, and Nemona. Immediately, you get the sense that something is off. Koraidon or Miraidon will retreat and refuse to come out of their Pokéball the second you get into the crater. I won’t go into spoilers of what happens plotwise, but I will be sharing how to get through the boss fight. Which happens after you go through the Great Crater and visit four research stations.

Research Stations

Each research station has a Pokémon that you’ll have to battle with one of your companions.

  • Research Station One: Level 62 Glimmora, you’ll take down with Nemona. Water-types or Fighting-types will be most useful for this fight.
  • Research Station Two: You and Penny will take on a level 62 Scream Tail in Pokémon Scarlet or Iron Bundle in Pokémon Violet. Ghost, Steel, or Poison are good against Scream Tail, while Electric, Grass, and Fighting are best against Iron Bundle.
  • Research Station Three: You and Arven will take on a level 62 Great Tusk in Scarlet or Iron Treads in Violet. Use the same strategy you used when taking on the Titan here.

Zero Lab

At the Zero Lab you have to face multiple Pokémon, each time you’ll be joined by one of your companions. The fights are:

  • You and Nemona – Great Tusk (Scarlet), Iron Treads (Violet) Level 64
  • You and Penny – Brute Bonnet (Scarlet), Iron Hands (Violet) Level 64
  • You and Arven – Flutter Mane (Scarlet), Iron Jugulis (Violet) Level 64

Ground-type moves are really good for most of these Pokémon, but Fire, Fighting, Dark, Steel, and Electric also do well against some of these. Your partner will make these encounters much easier, however.

Final Boss Battle

After the three fights, you’re free to enter Zero Lab and take on the final boss of the game. As mentioned, I’m not going to be going into what happens plotwise, so you can experience it for yourself. But the final boss is the professor, so depending on the version of the game you have the battle will differ. Professor Sada (Scarlet) makes use of the ancient paradox Pokémon, while Professor Turo (Violet) uses the future-based ones. Most of these you’ve already battled once on your way down.

So, what are the Pokémon for each professor?

Professor Sada

  • Slither Wing – Lvl 66 – Bug/Fighting
  • Sandy Shocks – Lvl 66 – Electric/Ground
  • Flutter Mane – Lvl 66 – Ghost/Fairy
  • Brute Bonnet – Lvl 66 – Grass/Dark
  • Scream Tail – Lvl 66 – Fairy/Psychic
  • Roaring Moon – Lvl 67 – Dragon/Dark

Fairy, Bug, Flying, and Fighting-type moves are useful. But Fairy is the best as more than half Sada’s team is weak to Fairy-type.

Professor Turo

  • Iron Moth – Lvl 66 – Fire/Poison
  • Iron Thorns – Lvl 66 – Rock/Electric
  • Iron Jugulis – Lvl 66 – Dark/Flying
  • Iron Hands – Lvl 66 – Fighting/Electric
  • Iron Bundle – Lvl 66 – Ice/Water
  • Iron Valiant – Lvl 67 – Fairy/Fighting

Ground is the common weakness against Turo’s team. Though Fairy, Grass, Fighting, and Rock can also be useful in this fight.

Once you’ve beaten the professor, you have one final fight against either Koraidon or Miraidon. You’re not going to be at a type advantage, as you need to use your own to fight against it. You just need to fight until you can Terastallize your Pokémon. Then use Tera Blast to win.

And that’s it!

You’ve beaten Pokémon Violet/Scarlet.

Koraidon or Miraidon will be available to join your party from that point forward as you can switch them in and out of battle mode. There’s still the post-game that can be explored but the main game is finished.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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