Pokemon Sword & Shield: Becoming the Champion

Not sure what it says about Pokemon Sword but I have completed the Champion Cup after only having the game for a little under two weeks. Or if that more says how addicted I got to this game, I’m not done playing with it even though the story is over. Since, I did one for the Gym Battles, I figured I might as well do the Champion Cup overview as well.

All battles end with the last Pokemon of their five being Gigantamax. Your Pokemon will be healed after each round, so no need to worry about wasting potions and Ether. If you need to leave to level up, you can in between rounds as well. Just use the elevator to go. Though most of your team should be leveled up by this point to handle all the rounds. You can also swap your team during this point too.


You only have two opponents in this stage. Marnie who wants to show what Dark Pokemon can do and be better than just a gym leader like her brother is. Team Yell is there as well to cheer her on. And Hop, who is your rival, that wants to show off that he’s just as good if not better than his older brother, The Undefeatable Champion Leon (seriously they say this phrase way too much).

Opponent 1: Marnie

  • Type: Dark
  • Pokemon Level: 47-49
  • Weakness: Fighting, Bug, Fairy

Opponent 2: Hop

  • Type: No specialty.
  • Pokemon Level: 47-49
  • Weakness: Fighting for the normal type, Electric or Fire for the Corviknight, Ground for Pincurchin, and whatever starter type you picked for the final one.


After dealing with the happenings of Rose and Oleana, who were bent on keeping Leon from the Championship, it’s time for the finals which involves facing off against several of the gym leaders you faced before.

Bede Challenge

Before your first round, Bede (now the Fairy-Type Gym Leader) interrupts and you have to face off against his team leveled between 51-53. His pokemon are weak against Poison and Steel. Though Fire also works since Fairy moves are not effective against them.

Once that’s done the real finals begin!

Opponent 1: Nessa

  • Type: Water
  • Pokemon Level: 51-53
  • Weakness: Electric and Grass.

Opponent 2: Bea / Allister

Depending on which game you have, the gym leader here changes. Bea for Sword and Allister for Shield.

  • Type: Fighting / Ghost
  • Pokemon Level: 52-54
  • Weakness: Flying, Psychic, and Fairy / Ghost and Dark

Opponent 3: Raihan

Unlike your previous battle against Raihan, there are no team battles it’s all one-on-one. And his Pokemon love field effects.

  • Type: Dragon
  • Pokemon Level: 53-55
  • Weakness: Ice, Dragon and Fairy

Champion Battle

At this point the finals are interrupted by Chairman Rose set on enacting his plans to unleash the Darkest Day to save Galar from its energy problems, that won’t take effect for 1,000 years according to Champion Leon after the Semi-Finals. So, once you put an end to Chairman Rose it’s time for the final battle against Champion Leon.

His team varies based off what stater you selected but his main Pokemon are the following:

  • Aegislash: Steel/Ghost Type, Level 62
    • Weakness: Ground, Fire, Ghost, and Dark
  • Dragapult: Dragon/Ghost Type, Level 62
    • Weakness: Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Dark
  • Haxorus: Dragon Type, Level 63
    • Weakness: Ice, Dragon and Fairy
  • Mr. Rime: Ice/Psychic Type, Level 64
    • Weakness: Rock, Steel, Fire, Bug, Ghost, and Dark
  • Cinderace, Inteleon, or Rillaboom: Fire, Water, or Grass Type depending on what you chose in the beginning of the game, Level 64
    • Cinderace Weakness: Ground, Rock, and Water
    • Inteleon Weakness: Grass and Electric
    • Rillaboom Weakness: Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice
  • Charizard: Fire/Flying Type, Level 65
    • Weakness: Water, Electric, and Rock

So, for this battle my party consisted of Dark, Fairy, Electric, Ice and Water Type Pokemon… i.e. I just had one that specialized in each or had at least one of those moves so I could “Super Effective” the whole way through the battle, and switched them out as needed based off who I was facing against for the next round.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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