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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Building the Eevee Evolution (Eeveelution) Army


I might have gotten a little obsessed over Pokemon Sword so please bear with me as I post a bunch of things on it. I’m just inspired by it at the moment. As I mentioned, Eevee isn’t easy to come by in the game. My favorite Pokemon is very hard to find so I used the only one I spotted in the wild and the one I received for free since luckily they were different genders to breed to build my Eeveelution Army. I do this in every Pokemon game. I love them… it has to be done. And I give them all the nicknames from the show/anime. Sue me! So, I thought I would write today about how to obtain and evolve one of every Pokemon in this clan.

What are the Nicknames?

This has nothing to do with how to evolve them but in case you were curious as to what they were, they are as followed:

I mainly started using these names as in Pokemon Go that’s how you force an evolution to get those specific Eeveelutions to occur. The only not confirmed one is Sylveon but I still name mine after Y’s. And I call the Eevee that can’t or won’t evolve Vee. Yes, I have a Veevee and a Vee… it’s not confusing at all.

Where to Find Eevee?

Eevee doesn’t commonly appear in the wild in these games, but they do appear on Route 4 in the tall grass. Where you get the evolution stones, you can also sometimes encounter different Eevee evolutions. For instance, during a sunny day, you’ll encounter a Leafon standing in front of the structure or a Glaceon when it’s snowing. But I like the challenge, so I bred all of mine then leveled them up using the shared team experience.

How to Evolve Your Eevee?

Most of them involve the use of an evolution stone which in Pokemon Sword & Shield these can be obtained in the Wilderness. If you start at Hammerlocke Hills, right outside the steps to Hammerlocke. Ride right and follow the ridge until you’re able to cross the small lake. Once you’ve entered the Lake of Outrage, you’ll see a circle of large stones. If it’s your first time here, each large stone will have an evolution stone behind it. There are eight stones total, and each will have an evolution stone. Once you pick up the original evolution stones, they’ll respawn occasionally so you can keep returning here to get more stones.

Below are the Eevee that evolve with stones:

The other three evolve when you reach level three of friendship and then based off some conditions where are the following:

I do have the entire clan, and since mine were all primarily hatched I have been working on getting them to level up as a majority are between level 25-30 while my main crew is at level 45. So, I’m using a combination of Poke Jobs (when they apply) and Team Experience Share to get them up to pair with all my other Pokemon. I love that I can just send them on a job and they come back significantly higher level.

Anyways, that’s how to build your Eevee army. You won’t be able to have them all in your party at once since you can only have six at a time. Recently we went camping at another trainers camp site and had a little Eevee party which was great for the photos in this post since I normally can’t have them all with me. The only one that wasn’t the party was Sylveon, so they aren’t shown but I do have one. It was the first friendship based one I evolved.


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