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Pokémon: Eevee is my Favorite


Not everyone is going to share my opinion on this, but Eevee is the greatest Pokemon in the entire series of games and shows. Maybe not so much in strength/abilities but it’s the only Pokemon that evolves into basically every other type. Also known as the eeveelutions. And typically when I play the game I purposefully create an Eevee team made of every version. Though now there are more types then there is space in your team.


  • Eevee – Normal Type
  • Vaporeon – Water Type
  • Jolteon – Electric Type
  • Flareon – Fire Type
  • Umbreon – Dark Type
  • Espeon – Psychic Type
  • Glaceon – Ice Type
  • Leafeon – Grass Type
  • Sylveon – Fairy Type

In Pokemon Go, you can get the first three eeveelutions using a name hack and the second two using the day/night plus SP. The names for each correspond to the Eevee brothers in the cartoon. So Pyro (Flareon), Sparky (Jolteon), and Rainer (Vaporeon). I did mention Espeon and Umbreon, but I don’t know if they actually exist within Pokemon Go. But I do know they will use the day/night sequence like Eevees in the other Pokemon games and cartoons. Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon for sure have not been implemented in that version of the game yet. The highest stat Pokemon in the mobile game is Vaporeon. Though I prefer the original Eevee or Umbreon personally out of all the evolutions.

What is your favorite Pokemon?


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