Pokémon: Starter Showdown

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There have been a lot of Pokémon games over the years and multiple generations with different starter Pokémon for each of the regions. But one thing that came into my head the other day was: which starter Pokémon is the best out of all of them? So I decided to do some digging and look up the base stats of all the starter Pokémon in their final evolution. For the stats, I got them from Bulbapedia. So that’s what this showdown is based upon. And now without further delay, Pokémon Starter Showdown!

Now the calculation for the top starter Pokémon is based off their total score. I actually found it really interesting because a lot of the starters have the same total score. I didn’t sort within the top scores and are more just in order for the generation. Generally speaking fire had the highest score, water was second, and leaf was last. Though that doesn’t mean that there weren’t others in those types that outranked the others. I did exclude Pikachu as that’s an exception to the three starter Pokémon as a shout out to the anime series.

I generally just go with whichever starter Pokémon I like the look of better granted I try to find the other ones at some point during the game. What starter Pokémon is your favorite? Or what type of Pokémon is your preference?

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