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Pokémon: Starter Showdown


There have been a lot of Pokémon games over the years and multiple generations with different starter Pokémon for each of the regions. But one thing that came into my head the other day was: which starter Pokémon is the best out of all of them? So I decided to do some digging and look up the base stats of all the starter Pokémon in their final evolution. For the stats, I got them from Bulbapedia. So that’s what this showdown is based upon. And now, without further delay, the Pokémon Starter Showdown!

Credit: Quiqksilver
Starter NameGeneration/GameTypeHPAttackDefenseSp. AttackSp. DefenseSpeedTotal
Venusaur1 (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)Grass80828310010080525
Charizard1 (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)Fire78847810985100534
Blastoise1 (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)Water79831008510578530
PikachuLet’s Go/AnimeElectric355530505090310
EeveeLet’s GoNormal657570658575435
Meganium2 (Gold/Silver, Crystal)Grass80821008310080525
Typhlosion2 (Gold/Silver, Crystal)Fire78847810985100534
Feraligatr2 (Gold/Silver, Crystal)Water85105100798378530
Sceptile3 (Ruby/Sapphire, Emerald)Grass70856510585120530
Blaziken3 (Ruby/Sapphire, Emerald)Fire80120701107080530
Swampert3 (Ruby/Sapphire, Emerald)Water10011090859060535
Torterra4 (Diamond/Pearl)Grass95109105758556525
Infernape4 (Diamond/Pearl)Fire761047110471108534
Empoleon4 (Diamond/Pearl)Water84868811110160530
Serperior5 (Black/White)Grass7575957595113528
Emboar5 (Black/White)Fire110123651006565528
Samurott5 (Black/White)Water95100851087070528
Chesnaught6 (X/Y)Grass88107122747564530
Delphox6 (X/Y)Fire756972114100104534
Greninja6 (X/Y)Water72956710371122530
Decidueye7 (Sun/Moon)Grass781077510010070530
Incineroar7 (Sun/Moon)Fire9511590809060530
Primarina7 (Sun/Moon)Water80747412611660530
Rillaboom8 (Sword/Shield)Grass10012590607085530
Cinderace8 (Sword/Shield)Fire80116756575119530
Inteleon8 (Sword/Shield)Water70856512565120530
Meowscarada9 (Scarlet/Violet)Grass76110708170123530
Skeledirge9 (Scarlet/Violet)Fire104751001107566530
Quaquaval9 (Scarlet/Violet)Water8512080857585530

This is not listed in order of strength from strongest to weakest, but rather by generation. I actually found it really interesting because a lot of the starters have the same total score. Generally speaking, the fire type had the highest score, the water type was second, and the grass type was last. That is not to say that there were not others of those types who outranked the others. I did include Pikachu, as that’s an exception to the three starter Pokémon, as a shout-out to the anime series. Not to mention it was in Let’s Go, Pikachu! alongside Eevee, so both are included in this. I also included Arceus, as while they might be the same as Gen 5, the dual-typing is different.

I generally just go with whichever starter Pokémon I like the look of better, granted I try to find the other ones at some point during the game. Either by surprise or link trading.

What starter Pokémon is your favorite? Or what type of Pokémon is your preference?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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