Post-Move Book Haul & Free Books on Kindle

Prior to moving, I put myself on a book buying ban beyond the books I had already pre-ordered. So, after the move was complete and I go everything all moved in, unpacked, and set up I figured I would allow myself a mini book haul. Especially since I read through most of the books on my physical TBR. Around this same time Amazon was doing a load your kindle sale, so a bunch of books were available for free. I ended up getting four books on there, so I figured I would share with y’all all the book I got. Not all of them I’m going to immediately read as I’m waiting for series to be completely out before I start them.

Physical Books

Alright, so what did I get to line my bookshelves with?

  • The Scarlet Veil by Shelby Mahurin
  • Foxglove by Adalyn Grace – This one I won’t be starting until the series is fully released.
  • Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab
    • A Darker Shade of Magic
    • A Gathering of Shadows
    • A Conjuring of Light
  • The Aurelian Cycle trilogy by Rosaria Munda
    • Fireborne
    • Flamefall
    • Furysong
  • Gods & Monsters series by Amber V. Nicole – Another series I’m not going to start until it’s completely released
    • The Book of Azrael
    • The Throne of Broken Gods
  • The Ever King by LJ Andrews – I already read and reviewed this one, which is why I don’t have it photographed with this group but technically it was purchased post-move.

Kindle Books

So, what did I get during the $0.00 sale for Kindle books?

  • The Umbra King and Aeternum by Jamie Applegate Hunter
  • Of Shadow and Moonlight by Luna Laurier – I am not going to read this series until it’s fully released. Only the first book was free, but the other book is on Kindle Unlimited currently.
  • A Crown of Ash & Silver by B.C. FaJohn – I might wait until the series is fully released, but I might read this one sooner rather than later. It’s undecided right now.

If you’ve read any of these books, without sharing spoilers, what did you think of them?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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