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Pottermore: My House, Wand, and Patronus


I have had a Pottermore account since the site launched, but my account was lost when they completely redid the website so I had to get sorted into my house, and discover my wand and patronus all over again. So I was really curious to see if I got the same result. Now being completely honest, I messed up my patronus the first time because Kiki jumped unto my laptop and clicked a bunch of things so I had to create a separate account just to get a true one. So here are all my results, and on the separate account I got the same results for the other items. Let me know what you are in the comments.

Hogwarts House

Traits of Ravenclaw: Intelligent, wise, sharp, witty and individual.

Ilvermony House

I really love the American house that I was sorted into. Because I like to think of myself as a rather compassionate person so this house is perfect for that.


If you watch our YouTube channel, you would know I call everyone that watches The Dragonites so I smiling when I saw the core was made from the heartstring of a Dragon.


I don’t know why but I had a feeling before I took the quiz that I would get wolf. It’s my absolute favorite animal. If you’re curious what I got when Kiki took part of the quiz for me, we got Adder or the snake. Which I’m not a huge fan of so that happy thought would vanish knowing that was my patronus so I’m glad I have the wolf because it would make me happy just to see it every time.


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