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Ranking and Comparing my Foundations


I like to try out different foundations then get into moods where I wear one for several weeks before switching to another one. So it takes me quite a while to get through a single bottle of foundation. To a point where I start to forget how they stack up next to each other, so I thought I would do a massive comparison of all the ones that I keep in my collection. I’m going to do a similar ranking as I did in my Juvia’s Place palette comparisons where I’m going use a few different categories to determine which foundation is truly the best. The categories will be the following: wear time, finish, price, shade range, coverage, amount and applicator.

My overall opinion of the foundation can be found by expanding the row using the ‘+’ symbol. Most of these are the same opinion I had after trying the foundations a few times, but others have shifted slightly especially when it comes to the applicator.

Foundation NameWear TimeFinishPriceShade RangeCoverageAmountApplicatorOverall Opinion
Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation10-12 hoursMatte$39.0040 shadesMedium1.7 fl oz/50 mLSqueeze tubeThis foundation is probably the thickest in my collection since it has clay in the formula, but has been one I've repurchased over the last four or five years even though I wouldn't call this the best foundation on the market. It hides all of my pores while staying super matte without looking bone dry or cakey. I cannot wear this foundation back to back for days on end or I will get some acne which I would say is from the heaviness of this foundation. As long as I don't do that it's fine on my skin, and I like to bounce around with foundations clearly. Another thing to note, it typically doesn't last the full 12 hours on me especially in the humidity. I might declutter this foundation, but I'm not 100% sure yet.
NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation4-5 hoursMatte$7.5014 shadesMedium1.18 fl oz/35 mLSqueeze tubeThis foundation while it initially looks nice does start to settle in fine lines over the course of the day around the four or five hour mark. At this point the foundation also starts to break up and close coverage. The shade range is also fairly limited in stores and on Ulta's website, so I had to go to NYX to get the right shade. But even then it's not a great range in terms of what is available. After this post goes live I'm going to be decluttering this foundation from my collection as I have better foundations to pick from.
ColourPop No Filter Liquid Foundation16 hoursDemi-Matte$12.0042 shadesMedium0.85 fl oz/25 mLPumpThis foundation stays looking nice on the skin throughotu the day and doesn't become oily, crease, or settle in fine lines. This foundation has better coverage if applied with a brush but I find it easier to use a beauty sponge so it looks more natural. But you can build up the foundation to get more coverage without it looking heavy on the skin. The shade range is also nice as even my pale skin isn't the lightest shade and there are some really deep dark shades. I don't notice this foundation falling apart at any point during the day even in extreme weather with high humidity.
Beauty Blender Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation24 hoursMatte$40.0040 shadesFull1.0 fl oz/30 mLPumpI really liked this foundation as my makeup always looks flawless over top of it. I don't see any significant wear around my face from fine lines, cracks, or dry patches appearing when I wear this foundation. The shade range may sound like it has a lot of options, but there are a lot of gaps. As BeautyBlender focused heavily on the light to medium range with a bunch of undertones instead of the deep to deep dark ranges. Though since initial launch they have added eight more shades to the collection to balance it out, but still those were an after thought based on the way the brand responded to the reception of the range.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation12 hoursMatte$12.0024 shadesMedium to full0.8 fl oz/23 mLDoe-footThis foundation is a dupe to the original Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation with an almost identical shade range that leaves a lot to be desired. To a point where I would reach for the Makeup Revolution one over the original due to the price point if I had to repurchase the foundation. The foundation is quite matte meaning it can make some dry patches appear on the skin later in the day, but like the Shape Tape Matte Foundation it wears nicely after it's warmed up to your skin. The foundation doesn't settle in any fine lines or make pores more visible. So I do like this foundation but wouldn't say it's the best on the market.
Milani Conceal & Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer12 hoursDemi-Matte$9.9923 shadesFull1.0 fl oz/30 mLPumpThis foundation range doesn't have a great variety with only 5 being on the deeper end of the spectrum. Most stores also don't carry the full range, nine of the shades are online only including the one that I use which is 00A. While the foundation is full coverage like it makes my beauty mark/mole on my cheek vanish, I still need a concealer under my eyes to mask dark circles. As for wear, this lasts all day for me with making any fine lines noticeable unless you're literally four inches from my face but at that point you're too close.
Flower Beauty Light Illusion Luminous Makeup Nude-Skin Feel6 hoursLuminous$13.9912 shadesMedium1.0 fl oz/30 mLPumpThis foundation transfers a bit and is a bit heavier on the skin. Also it's not a good shade range as there are massive jumps between the shades and the lightest shade is too dark for me for all but two months in the year. I don't find this foundation settling in any fine lines or wearing off during the course of the day unless I bump it then the foundation moves and you need to set it immediately, but this can kill the luminous finish or make it start to look cakey. For these reasons, I am declutter this from my collection after this goes live.
ColourPop No Filter Stix Foundation6 hoursDemi-matte$10.0027 shadesMedium to full9.5 g/0.34 ozStickI end up reaching for this foundation the most in my collection though I would not call it my favorite. It's just the easiest to apply in the morning before work, though it does not last all day long as it starts to vanish around the six hour mark. As far as the weight on the skin, it's something I notice throughout the day as I can feel it on my skin. Not that it's heavy or looks cakey, but I can feel there is a layer over top of skin. The shade range isn't the greatest though they have equal amounts in each category: light, medium, deep, and deep dark. Maybe they will come out with more shades like they do for the liquid formula but at the moment this one is lacking.
L.A. Girl Pro Matte HD Long Wear Matte Foundation10 hoursDemi-Matte$8.9916 shadesMedium to full1.0 fl oz/30 mLPumpAfter this I'm going to be decluttering this foundation from my collection, but since it was still here I'm going to include it. This foundation is lightweight and blends easily on the skin. However, it makes fine lines and pores more noticeable on my skin whenever I wear this foundation.
NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation24 hoursMatte$15.0045 shadesFull1.0 fl oz/30 mLPumpThis foundation wears wonderfully on the skin even in extreme temparatures without breaking up or settling in any fine lines. The one problem I have with this foundation is the pump, if you don't use it every single day the foundation dries in the pump making it next to impossible to get the pump going again without spending ages digging out the clog. But most people don't rotate being like ten foundations either, so this is more of a me problem and it could be that I lie the bottle down horizontally rather than vertically in my makeup storage. Not sure which, but that is something I've noticed with this foundation bottle over time that has been an issue since I first reviewed it.
Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation7-10 hoursLuminous$11.997 shadesFull1.0 fl oz/30 mLPumpI'm not one who usually reaches for luminous foundation though I do like to keep one or two in my collection on the days where I want to have that glow from within. The shade range for this foundation is horrible, there is no denying that. And I can only really wear this foundation in the summer or if I use a good amount of fake tan as the lightest shade is too dark for me. And those seven shades aren't an even distribution from light to deep, most are in that light to medium range with one in the deep range. Now as for the foundation formula, it's lightweight and wears nicely on the skin though I do notice it starts to vanish or break up somewhere between the seven to ten hour mark.
Tarte Face Tape Foundation11 hoursDemi-Matte$39.0050 shadesFull1.014 fl oz/30 mLPumpTarte focused more on the shade range for this foundation as a way to make up for the disaster that was the Shape Tape Foundation, and have discontinued that product with the release of Face Tape Foundation. Though they are different formulas and applicators, they wear the same on the face. Initially they don't look good on the face even looking a little dry. But overtime, your natural oils make the foundation look nicer like other foundations in my collection when they are initially applied. Over time dry patches do remain though they are not extremely noticeable.
PÜR 4-In-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation & Concealer10 hoursDemi-Matte$36.00100 ShadesMedium to Full1.0 fl oz/ 30 mLDoe-Foot & PumpWhile this foundation looks good when first initially applied, over time it starts to settle in fine lines. And it's not a subtle look either, it's very noticeable as it looks like the foundation cracked along the lines making them look deeper than they actually are. Looking at other reviews online I believe this is an issue for those with dry skin though no amount of face oils or moisturizer helped in my case. It also seemed to empathize texture on my face. So overall, not a massive fan of this foundation.
UOMA Beauty Say What?! Foundation12+ HourDemi-Matte$39.0051 shadesMedium to Full1.0 fl oz/30 mLPumpThis foundation stays in place all day long without settling into fine lines or cracking. And that was without any setting powder or spray on the skin. Around the ten hour mark I did notice a singular dry patch/wear on my chin but it was only noticeable if you were holding a mirror up close to my skin. Same with some texture on my skin was more noticeable up close, but you would have to be seriously looking for it to notice. Otherwise, it looked like my skin but better. I normally go for foundations marketed towards fair skin, but I found that it was darker than I was excepting so I ended up having to get the shade formulated for very pale skin. T2 is the darker version of T1 if you were trying to figure it out from their website, since it doesn't make that super clear on the website in my opinion.
Juvia's Place I Am Magic Foundation12 hoursDemi-Matte$20.0042 shadesFull Coverage1.0 fl oz/ 30 mLSqueeze tubeThis is the most full coverage foundation that I own, it makes everything vanish and you don't even need to use a lot of product to get that effect. Due to the fact you don't have to apply a lot of product, it's lightweight. However, if you end up applying too much it can end up looking cakey on the skin. I have worn this numerous times and never had a day where it creased or settled anywhere on my face. I also notice it does transfer regardless of what type of primer, setting powder, or setting spray I use.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. Jena J – Blush Enthusiast.
    April 21, 2019 / 7:10 PM

    I love this! The table organization of the foundations is SO GOOD!

    • Mae Polzine
      April 21, 2019 / 7:32 PM

      Thank you, I thought that would make it easier to compare them.
      ♥ Mae

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