Ranking the Couples in the Briar University Universe by Elle Kennedy

Because I adore Elle Kennedy’s Briar University universe (Off-Campus, Briar U, and Campus Diaries), I decided to rank the couples. This isn’t a ranking of the books based on the story, but rather on how memorable the romance between the two main characters was and how much I enjoyed the pairing. I apologize if any of them are your favorites and I ranked them lower than you would. We all have different tastes, and these are mine.

Least to most favorite couples:

8. Taylor Marsh and Conor Edwards (The Dare, Briar U)

7. Sabrina James and John Tucker (The Goal, Off-Campus)

6. Gigi Graham and Luke Ryder (The Graham Effect, Campus Diaries)

5. John Logan and Grace Ivers (The Mistake, Off-Campus)

4. Hunter Davenport and Demi Davis (The Play, Briar U)

3. Hannah Wells and Garrett Graham (The Deal, Off-Campus)

3. Jake Connelly and Brenna Jensen (The Risk, Briar U)

2. Summer Di Laurentis and Colin Fitzgerald (The Chase, Briar U)

1. Allie Hayes and Dean Di Laurentis (The Score, Off-Campus)

Yes, I think Jake/Brenna and Hannah/Garrett are tied for the number three seat. Both of those have great banter and interesting stories between each member of the pairing, so I can’t decide which couple I like over the other. And no one can beat the Di Laurentis siblings, their books are my favorite. Then its between Gigi/Ryder, Logan/Grace, and Hunter/Demi those kind of slide around depending on my mood. I enjoyed their stories but I don’t go back to them as frequently as the top three (technically four). Or if I do go back, I only read small portions. Then Sabrina/Tucker and Conor/Taylor had the unfortunate side-effect of being the last book in each of their series and honestly both of those romances are more quite forgettable to me. I think Tucker/Sabrina weren’t as strong as a couple as Sabrina pushed Tucker away, even though he wanted to be there for the entire pregnancy but she wanted to do it on her own. So, the book and relationship felt extremely one-sided. They had serious redemption in The Legacy, but again compared to the other couples they still fell way behind. And as for Conor/Taylor, they also had a very one-sided storyline but honestly I couldn’t recall you most of what happened in that book without looking back at my quick after thoughts. I remember Taylor’s mom ended up with Brenna’s dad, and the fact I recall that side romance over the main one is extremely telling. It was still good, but no where near as good as the others in this list.

Which couples are your favorite from these series?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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